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Committee Reports
November 16,2008

Executive Committee

  • Meeting with President Roth
    • Discussed a proposal regarding student input in University Outreach
    • Reviewed our respective perspectives on the Police Report on Fountain Ave
      • We agreed that we should prioritize improving the relationship with the Police, and not arguing over what happened on Fountain
    • Discussed the problem of drug busts during Fire Safety inspections
  • Individual meetings have begun, are going very well
  • Saul and I joined Benny and Jeff at the faculty meeting
Name EC Meeting 11/12
Saul Carlin P
Bradley Spahn P
Benedict Bernstein P
Chris Goy P
Elise Rosenthal P
Becky Weiss P
Jen Liebschutz P

Academic Affairs

  • The Faculty held a discussion this week of the criteria they would like to see applied for admission to Wesleyan
    • No specific action was decided upon.
    • It felt like faculty were generally looking for similar things as students would want out of incoming classes
  • The EPC met as usual on Monday
    • EPC will begin its discussion of the Prison in College Program this coming Monday.
    • We are continuing to work on Assessment
    • We have also been examining the policy on deadlines for choosing student-option grading mode.
  • Cordelia is setting a date for the first Library Meeting
    • Among other things on the agenda will be planning walk-throughs of the libraries with Physical Plant and members of the Committee

Student Affairs Committee

  • Undergraduate Residential Life Committee (URLC)
    • Area Coordinator Sharise Brown presented the new evaluation for community based living — it will be applicable to WestCo and 200 Church.
    • We began our discussion of GRS, which will continue next week. If you have any suggestions for improving the system, please let Becky know.
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD)
    • Assessment Subcommittee
      • Currently running data to learn information about perceptions of drug and alcohol use at Wesleyan.
    • Education Subcommittee
      • Planning a workshop. Working with Academic Affairs to discuss incorporating alcohol and drug education into courses.
    • Environmental Subcommittee
      • Working on their ‘Know Your Rights Campaign.’ Currently setting up a blog.
  • Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)
    • The flu clinics are still not getting as high attendance as hoped for, but 100 more people came than last year. The cost of the shot provides the University with no profit,
    • There are now hand sanitizer dispensers outside of the Usdan Marketplace!
    • Working on bathroom information sheets containing health facts that are relevant to stands.
    • During reading week there will be stress workshops and massages. Baked goods and coffee will be available at Olin.
Name SAC
Adam Ilowite P
Fludie Naka P
Jaynice DelRosario P
Joanna Seirup P
Micah Feiring P
Morgan Mc Cray P
Becky Weiss L

Student Budget Committee

  • Our weekly allocation hearing occurred again this past Monday from 4:15pm to 8pm
    • $11,034 was requested.
    • $7,393 was allocated.
    • $3,122 came from department funding.
    • The difference in funding coverage was $379.
  • Highlights
    • Wesleyan Campus Progress is hosting a “Support our Troops Progressively” forum this Saturday. The SBC funded the rights to what appears to be a fascinating film.
    • Ostranenie Magazine has been funded. They have had record levels of submissions this year. The finished product is always one to look forward to.
    • WESU Events is co-hosting a fundraiser in preparation for their 70th anniversary, which will be celebrated this spring.
Name Attendance Status
Aubrey Hamilton P
Candace Buckner P
Adam Fishman P
Chris Goy P
Pat Lee P
Siriwan Luangthanahiran P
Jared Keller EA

Community Outreach Committee

    • Middletown Taskforce
      • Vernie would like the Childhood Hunger Taskforce to expand to something that is a committee on improving relationships with Middletown. This idea is just being looked at, and since it is very similar to what COCo is trying to accomplish, we are trying to integrate COCo’s mission as well as Vernie’s. Liana is spearheading this.
    • Habitat for Humanity
      • Liana and Elise met with the director of Habitat for Humanity and we are going to be in contact with members of the administration to see if there is any land available to donate to Habitat for Humanity. There is also a fundrasier for Habitat for Humanity next Saturday night at Public that would be great for students to attend/
    • 190 high
      • Justin, Greer, and Elise are setting up meetings with student groups using 190 high about reorganizing the space. There will also be a huge clean up of the space next weekend.

Name Meeting 6 Meeting 7 Meeting 8
Elise Rosenthal P P P
Karl Grindal P P A
Greer Dent EA EA P!!!!!!
Justin LaSelva P P P
Michelle Garcia P A P
Liana Woskie P EA P

Organization and External Affairs Committee

    • Website
      • Work is ongoing to simplify the website.
      • The blog launch will happen most likely right after Thanksgiving break, but we will know more soon. Anybody can post on the blog, although only EC and OEAC can approve posts to go public. We will have instructions soon. If you are going to make a post to the blog (opinion, news, whatever) please contact Saul in advance, or else we can’t promise it will be approved.
      • Get your photos taken, profiles will be up soon.
    • Suggestion Boxes
      • Those who requested suggestion boxes will have them soon.
    • University Relations meeting
      • Saul met with Barbara-Jan Wilson in UR about WSA alumni and potentially handing off the yearbook.
    • Elections
      • Bradley emailed you all about them, OEAC is going door-to-door on Tuesday to recruit.

Name OEAC 11/11
Saul Carlin P
Bradley Spahn P
Sami Pop P
Ben Firke P
Cesar Medina A
Meherazade Sumariwalla P


  • Work Study: improvements to make website more accessible coming soon
  • Procurement (subcommittee of Sustainability):
    • Going to start meeting more frequently to be more productive
    • Drafting a policy for mainly office supplies, hopefully will expand to dining
  • Recycling and Waste (subcommittee of Sustainability)
    • Jan. 18th-March 28th: Recyclemania!
      • competition among colleges to recycle the most
      • Working on getting rid of water coolers in breakrooms, getting better to-go containers
      • Business Continuity
        • New blogs coming soon!
        • One on pandemics and one on emergency management
      • Freeman Athletic Center Advisory
        • Amy met with Morgan to discuss the committee from last year
        • Possible agenda items:
        • educate monitors in the fitness center about equipment, events going on in the building
        • run snack stand by the hockey rink more often
        • secure building better so people’s belongings are secure
        • publicize that rooms on first floor can be reserved for yoga, fitness classes, etc
        • Transportation
        • 140 people going to NYC, about 45 to Boston
        • Working on setting up buses for winter break
        • Drafting a proposal to get ZipCar on campus

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