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Fountain Avenue Policy Commission Resolution

Whereas, the incident on Fountain Avenue which occurred on May 16, 2008 created an unexpected and traumatic disruption to the campus climate;

Whereas, it is the priority of the Wesleyan Student Assembly to work with relevant individuals and departments in Wesleyan's administration to ensure thatno similar incident will occur in the future;

Whereas, it should be the priority of Wesleyan's administration to ensure that no similar incident will occur in the future by reviewing policy and enacting changes where appropriate;

Whereas, the “Fountain Avenue Working Group”, which included Sonia Mañjon,the VP for Diversity and Strategic Partnerships, John Meerts, the VP for Finance and Administration, Michael Pernick, the WSA President, Joe Rouse, the Chair of the Faculty, and Michael Whaley, the VP for Student Affairs, issued a report which framed the incident, constructed a narrative of the incident, issued broad recommendations for ongoing issues, but did not issue specific policy change recommendations;

Therefore, be it resolved that the Wesleyan Student Assembly will create a Fountain Avenue Policy Commission consisting of 5 WSA members internally elected from within the Assembly, and a chair internally selected from within the Commission, charged to:

  1. Consult with the student body, the Fountain Avenue Working Group, and any and all relevant members of the administration,
  2. Develop specific policy recommendations for all open and ongoing issues related to the Fountain Avenue incident,
  3. Present its recommendations to the WSA in no more than four weeks after its formation for approval and appropriate action.

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