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Independent Projects Resolution

WHEREAS, there is a need for ad-hoc groups of students or individual students looking to accomplish short-term goals or projects for the benefit of the Wesleyan community; and

WHEREAS, these groups would be informal and normally have a short-term, single goal; and

WHEREAS, often such groups would not receive the financial support they desire because there is not an existing student group which closely matches their interests; and

WHEREAS, the resources that Wesleyan provides to groups of students interested in improving student life on the Wesleyan campus should be made available to any student or informal group of students with proposals satisfying the criteria of the Student Budget and Community Outreach Committees; therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the Community Outreach Committee will now be given the power to grant 'temporary recognition status' to individual students or informal groups of students looking to accomplish 'Independent Projects'; and be it further

RESOLVED, that such students and groups of students that are granted 'temporary recognition status' will be required to list their final day of operations as an independent project when the application to the Community Outreach Committee is submitted; and be it further

RESOLVED, that on this day, such students and the 'temporary recognition' as a student group, and all the financial request privileges that it comes with, will automatically be revoked unless an extension is made by the Community Outreach Committee; and be it further;

RESOLVED, the Community Outreach and the Student Budget Committees will now have a separate categorical designation entitled 'Independent Project' within their own record-keeping systems; and be it further

RESOLVED, in order to protect from the risks of little to no continuity in group membership, all 'Independent Projects' will be required to list current WSA member as a project liaison; and be it further

RESOLVED, that student 'Independent Projects' unable or unwilling to seek out a WSA project liaison will be assigned one by the WSA Coordinator or hir OEAC counterparts; and be it further

RESOLVED, that said 'WSA project liaison' shall be responsible for supervising the activities, and facilitating the goals, of the 'independent project' that they have chosen, or have been assigned, to be a part of; and be it further

RESOLVED, that once deemed ready by said 'WSA project liaison', the 'Independent Project' would be able to go before the Student Budget Committee; and be it further

RESOLVED, that said 'WSA project liaison' will be required to attend the opening event of culmination of the efforts said 'Independent Project' and to submit a brief report on its successes and failures to the Student Budget Committee for posterity within 15 days of the completion of said 'opening event' or 'culmination of efforts'.

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