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University Outreach Committee


This committee will serve as a venue for ongoing discussion between elected student representatives, the office of the President, and the officers in the administration responsible for university outreach. For the purposes of this committee, university outreach may be defined as the messaging, techniques, and initiatives used by the University to engage, communicate with, and present itself to the wider Wesleyan community and to the outside world. The committee's ongoing discussion of these issues will draw meaningful feedback and advice from the student body by allowing for specialized knowledge and focused discussion of specific and sometimes sensitive material. Whereas broad annual updates at WSA meetings are certainly helpful, a sustained consultative relationship will enable productive, ongoing dialogue and promote thinking that will foster creative, worthwhile and beneficial feedback on issues relating to university outreach.

Charge, Responsibilities, and Powers:

  • Provide feedback to departments including, but not limited to University Relations, University Communications, and Admission
  • Communicate suggested recommendations for strategy, assessment, policy, and new initiatives to departments or individuals within the University
  • Expand membership and/or create temporary or permanent subcommittees to focus on specific issues, proposals, or areas of assessment, as needed
  • Meet at least two times per semester, with agenda and group composition determined by the core committee members


The committee will be composed of core members and rotating members whose presence will be determined on an as-needed basis.

Core Members

  1. President of the University
  2. Special Assistant to the President for University Relations
  3. WSA President
  4. WSA Vice President

Suggested Portfolio:

  • Discuss Wesleyan's image in the region, country, and world and the impact that image has on the University's various constituencies and audiences, such as prospective students and alumni
  • Discuss how Wesleyan's depth and breadth can best be presented in various settings and media
  • Reflect student voice in the priorities of promoting Wesleyan's image
  • Discuss strategies for engaging audiences targeted as potential students or potential donors
  • Discuss strategies for engaging potential new audiences who have limited perceptions of Wesleyan
  • Discuss strategies for building a more engaged, cohesive Wesleyan community
  • Discuss Wesleyan's outreach into the Middletown community

*The core members will be free to expand the portfolio of the committee as they see fit

Potential Agenda Items:

  • Discuss strategies to engage small donors including recent alumni, parents, and current students
  • Develop strategies to create a culture of giving among current students, particularly seniors
  • Provide advice on marketing practices and promotional materials sent to prospective students
  • Provide advice on practices and policies related to Senior Interviewers and Tour Guides
  • Provide constructive feedback on University tours
  • Develop strategies for enhancing Wesleyan's presence in previously unengaged regions, both domestic and abroad
  • Discuss how Wesleyan is portrayed in the news media (both traditional and non-traditional) and strategies for altering that portrayal where it is deficient
  • Discuss the role of technology such as online media and social networking tools in promoting Wesleyan and reaching out to the University's various audiences
  • Discuss admission criteria and their impact on shaping Wesleyan's identity and image
  • Assess use of the alumni network as a resource for enhancing recruitment, community, career development, etc

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