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Minutes: January 25, 2009


Fight Song

Approval of the Minutes

Open Forum

Discussion of Academic Calendar

Midyear reports

Internal elections for Committee for Investor Responsibility

Internal elections for University Outreach Committee

New Business & Announcements

Meeting opens — 7.05 pm


1) Fight Song

2) Approval of Minutes—postponed

3) Open Forum

4) Discussion of Academic Calendar

  • Meherazade: the system of 2 days reading period, 2 days final etc. in theory is great, unless all your exams are on the first day of finals because you end up with only 2 days for all your work instead of 5.
  • Michelle: I second that
  • Rishabh: I think it is unfair that people who have been here for 3 or 4 years have to change their study habits and learn to study for everything in 2 days.
  • Benedict: moving the entire schedule by a day/week does not work because of the clash with labor day
  • Marjorie: have any faculty or professors brought up concerns about the changed reading period?
  • Adam: orientation this year was pretty busy for the first five days but the last two days were the days when people finally bonded because they weren't running around to mandatory meetings.
  • Ben: I had papers assigned during the 'non-final' days. How many other people did, by a show of hands?
  • About 8 people in the room (out of 40)
  • Becky: there is a proposal that possibly if orientation week has to be shortened for the calendar, the administration is thinking of other ways to have the freshman bond.
  • Ali: I had a project due the last day of classes that was given an 'extension' till Saturday of reading period.
  • Jen: is this the type of thing that was a one off thing, or will it be done after this year.
  • Benedict: no, its in the 5 year plan
  • li>Chris Choi: cutting he reading period is not just a student concern but a faculty concern as well.
  • Rob: I'm wondering if there is any evaluative tool to test the effectiveness of programs during orientation because I cannot remember what we did for 6 days or more.
  • Michelle: I second that. Also, I know there are professors who are aware about the policies, and choose to blatantly disregard them.
  • Benedict: there isn't much we can do to faculty, if they choose to ignore rules.
  • Mike: filing complaints against professors is possible. Its just not right that students had 3 / 4 finals after only 2 days to study
  • Benedict: I would just like to take a straw pole on who would be in favor of reducing orientation and reading week staying the same.

In favor: 18 opposed: 4 ambivalent: everyone else

5) Mid Year Reports

  • SBC
  • Chris Goy: I'd like everyone to note the heading 'Dramatic Increase in Requests' on page 5
  • Justin: why is the Argus not on the list?
  • Chris: I'm sorry if they're not, I can pull them up to you.
  • Chris: the Wesleyan Investment group was given a large sum of money by an alum, and through careful investing, they have managed to increase that sum. They would like to play a more active role in helping us invest the WSA money. Do people have strong opinions on this?
  • Justin: I would just like to commend Chris and the SBC on job they've done this semester
  • Micah: I would like to add that most people I have spoken to have said they've had posistive experiences with the SBC.
  • AAC



    • FAC (Fountain Ave)
    • FiFac
    • Rob: was it ever in consideration for shuttles to other places? Also, regarding Usdan, there was a proposal to move late night back to Summerfields, has that been closed?
    • Jen: for a number of reasons, including safety, noise complaints and financial reasons, late night will be at Usdan.
    • Becky: I was wondering if the business continuity committee ever had their pandemic drill?
    • OEAC
    • Michelle: whatever happened to the suggestion box idea?
    • Saul: we're hoping to get that going this semester
    • Rob: out of curiosity, who is on the ITS committee?
    • Justin: what was the problem with the system regarding elections?
    • Bradley: the current system, forces incumbents out of their seats; we will be looking to amend the constitution to modify this.
    • Phil: is there any way that a student who wanted the NYT could pay for their copy?
    • Saul: very doubtful
    • EC
    • Saul: to clarify, it wouldn't be difficult to put 30 more people on the waitlist, and make decisions after the may board of trustees meeting

    Meeting closed for Internal Elections

    Meeting reopened after internal elections

    Committee for Investor Responsibility — election tabled to next week

    University Outreach Committee — Chris, Genevieve, Cesar elected

    6) New Business & Announcements

    Jeff: do we get to know about admission numbers — ED, ED 2 etc.

    All committee chairs want to meet with their committees after the meeting.

    Ben: does anyone want to be profiled for the blog? Also, who wants to audition for my play?

    Benedict: motion to adjourn the meeting till 1.00 next Sunday, in light of the Super bowl.

    Motion passes — meeting will be at 1.00 next Sunday instead of 7.00.

    Meeting closed — 9.00 pm

    Respectfully Submitted,

    Meherazade Sumariwalla '12

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