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Minutes 2/1/2009

  1. Attendance
  2. Fight Song
  3. Last week's minutes approved
  4. Discussion of Chris Goy and Ben Firke's Sustainability X Prize Resosultion

Becky, Philip, and Saul propose non-substantive changes.

David asks why the resoulution limits three contestants and questions whether or not the contest can be achieve by February.

Chris G. explains the way the contest will reward students financially

Karl questions

Sami questions the group of three as well—will it foster community?

Chris G. didn't want to spend more than his current proposal on prize money, and says that April's competition will foster community.

Elise asks about conflicts of interest—Goy explains that's why he chose faculty as judges.

Jen asks how the winning ideas will be implemented. Goy explains that the faculty judges will determine the most practical ideas.

Becky wonders if 25 ideas is too many. Chris says he will not be embarrassed if the contest does not yield 25 ideas.

Cesar wonders if this is merely a continuation of Project Save. POI from Jen—Project Save no longer exists.

Saul thinks that allowing a limited amount of flexibility in groups will encourage better ideas. Saul also wonders if groups can submit multiple ideas.

Saul proposes a straw poll to remove the maximum of possible persons in the group.

Chris incorporates the straw poll as a friendly amendment.

Mike asks who Chris has in mind.

Jeff asks if the February deadline is enough time, especially if there are cost analysis proposals to be done.

Chris says there is a fleet of people at Physical Plant to handle the ideas. The proposals would be 3-5 pages. Chris thinks the University can get funding.

Bradley asks if anyone has spoken to the board. Chris explains he has talked to Jeff Duwok on Finance.

Sami asks if there can be multiple submissions per group. Chris explains the task force will handle the specifics—the resolution is mainly to get the SBC to fund the project.

Candace wants to make it clear that there cannot be overlapping groups—can one person be in multiple teams of three? We should try to be clear—should we make one cohesive idea or 1,000 small ones?

Goy—we will clarify that in advertising.

Jen expresses concern about the deadline and whether it will go to the board.

David M—couldn't overlap benefit the school? Wouldn't it create more ideas?

Chris moves the dealine to March 6th.

Bradley says in response to Jen that the board doesn't get involved in this level of detail.

Mike says that the WSA will be able to have an idea to show.

Bradley says it would be a good way to show student input in symbolic value.

Saul while we aren't creating the date as an assembly. We are creating the committee to handle the logistics—he wants to leave the date to the planning committee.

Becky proposes removing clauses that the committee could handle.

Saul agrees.

Candace understands why people don't want dates, but says we should put a frame on the contest now.

Jen wants to leave the date in—if we didn't have a deadline then the committee might not meet. Chris Goy says he will get the project done regardless of date.

Michelle seconds Jen and Chris's statements.

Mike says X-Prize will set agendas for Sustainability Committees. Wants ideas submitted to the WSA's sustainability officers.

Becky says that people will need at least three weeks for the ideas. Brad explains that sometimes the technical efforts will need time.

Chris says we're looking at budget cuts and is excited about this idea. It says to the administration that we're working on ways to save money and provide ideas to save money without significantly affecting student life. The heavy lifting it done, and it will be fun to work on. He encourages the WSA to volunteer.

Saul asks for these X-Press ideas to become effective immediately—edicts from the administration.

Debate is closed. Resolution passes unanimously.

5. Debate on Stipend Resolution by Bradley Spahn— Saul Carlin takes over as coordinator for this part of the meeting.

[series of non-substantive q's]

Jeff asks—what is a student group leader? Who gets these?

Bradley—that is up for the committee to decide.

Chris Goy—what's to prevent a joke club to collect the stipend? What are the criteria?

Bradley—The committee will decided.

Jen—how will this proposal fit in with the WSA endowment $?

Bradley says that the program would cost the WSA $1,000 with Federal Work Study aid.

Mike suggests that the EC's membership #'s could change.

Brad, in response to Vickie's question, says the WSA prez will control the situation.

Sami asks for clarification of “president”—president means WSA president.

Substantive Q's:

David M doesn't understand why X members of the assembly can't be eligible. Thinks it's a great idea, but wants to know where the stipends will go.

Bradley doesn't want to give the impression that the WSA is paying itself; wants to give student leadership (society leaders, club leaders, etc) a reward for obligations that ut into academics.

Justin wants a transparency clause.

Elise agrees with the resolution in spirit, but suggests the spirit of the WSA would be altered. Bradley suggests adapting the resolution to go into effect for the EC in 2012.

Karl suggests the WSA would become a task or an occupation—the EC might attract people looking for money as well as service.

Jen is concerned about accountability. Also, she is uncomfortable with the President controlling hir own stipend.

Candace—is this to help students working w/in the Wes community or outside the community that are still admirable?

Bradley wants to contextualize this—he says doing 15 hours per week of leadership work is a strain and rewarding that is a social justice issue. Prefers to leave ethical questions to the committee.

Amy says that there are so many budget cuts and wonders if people not in need will get stipends. Bradley says she could submit an unfriendly amendment to make the resolution only apply to those students.

Cesar wants to examine work study and how these ppl are paid. Accountability? What's to stop people cheating?

Bradley replies that it will be taken care of through the WSA office.

Becky loves the spirit but thinks that it is hard to determine how qualified and worthy the student leaders can be. Worries it will create resentment.

Michelle says there will always be problems, but to counteract the concerns would be to involve the rest of the WSA as an independent project.

Becky says that there are plently of people who will do a great job and be unrecognized.

Bradley proposes suspending debate until next week.

Debate is suspended—stack is saved as:

  • Ben
  • Adam
  • Chris
  • Sami
  • David
  • Karl
  • Jeff
  • David
  • Justin
  • Vickie
  • Saul
  • Candace
  • Jen
  • Michelle
  • Bradley

6. Changing the Bylaws to let the WIG advise the WSA endowment management.

Speaking time 1 minute.

Chris Goy explains that the WIG are qualified to help handle the WSA endowment and have a vested interest in managing the money. Introduces Rahm from the WEC.

Group has 40 members, meets 2x a week. WIG manages $35,000 works of stocks. The WEC officers work at hedge funds and investment corporations. The group was formed in 2002. They've been up as much as 25%. Currently down 5%, market down 40%. They are technically outperforming the WSA and Wesleyan U endowments.

Moderated caucus begins—1 minute speaking time.

Karl asks about the WEC's socially responsible investment.

Rahm hasn't looked at them, but knows they will be big (EG alternative energy.)

Jeff is worried about risk/accountability.

Rahm says they use risk management procedures.

Chris wants to know down the road whether or not the WIG membership will be accountable.

Dave (from WIG) says that the future WIG will work to preserve their reputation and will be mentored by the current members.

Rahm—this is a great way to work on business issues on campus.

Karl asks if the group has forgotten to pay taxes.

Rahm says yes, but not under the current leadership.

Dave: as advisors, we aren't responsible for your taxes.

Jeff: who gives/takes the WIG advice?

Chris: We will have WIG sit in on the meetings. Also, in response to Jen, Chris says he made the PIMCO investment on WIG advice.

Mike says the investment in the University is a statement of solidarity with the University.

David M discusses how the Endowment is meant to help eliminate the activity fee. How will WIG help to advance the goal?

Rahm says money hopefully would be pulled out quartlerly

Mike explains that eventually the annual draw will pay for the activity fee.

The WSA thanks Rahm and Dave for their time. Bradley moves to suspend debate until next week.

Committee reports.


David M suggests that the WSA formal not be paid for by the WSA in a time of budget cuts.

Bradley says that the money will not come out of the SBC, and we are not having budget cuts.

SBC—it's up there. Concert raised $800 for Africa.

CoCo—it's up there.

EPC—it's up there. Good meeting with the Prison Solidarity project, changes to English major.

SAC—Cool SJB stuff.

FiFac—Recyclemania. Dining committee wants suggestions. Parking ticket appeals board—Dave Meyer wants it only if students have to pay if they lose their appeal.

EC—Mike will be meeting with Adam, Becky, Dean Mike on major fire safety reform procedures.

New business.

Ben—It's Black History month

Meeting adjourned.

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