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Minutes: February 22, 2009


Fight Song
Approval of the Minutes
Open Forum
Transportation Discussion
University Outreach Committee (UOC) Presentation + Discussion
Committee Reports
New Business & Announcements
Meeting opens — 7.00 pm

  1. Fight Song
  2. Approval of Minutes
    • Minutes from 02.08.09 approved
    • Minutes from 02.15.09 approved as amended
  3. Open Forum
  4. Committee Reports

    SAC: -
    COCO: -
    Since a bunch of people are leaving early tonight, take a poster on the way out, and put them up.
    Karl: what did the homebrewing club request?
    Charlie: labels for their bottles, stickers, mugs etc.
    Jeff: Don’t you know when they ask for the money, when they plan to use it?
    Charlie: We do

  5. Transportation Discussion
    Current services —
    Datco shuttle to commuter lot
    New Haven shuttle on Fri evening, Sat morning, Sun afternoon
    The Ride
    Holiday shuttles — New York, Boston, Hartford
    Special services through Marcello (this is expensive)
    Current questions —
    Getting Zip cars
    Increasing student parking charge

    Candace: what about the fact that all the lots are really inconvenient if you need to rush somewhere after class.
    Karl: I think they should email students when they give them a ticket, so that they don’t accumulate multiple on consecutive days.
    Cesar: what is the policy on wood frame parking?
    Chris Choi: Technically, wood frame parking is a free for all, PSafe encourages drivers to be ‘civil’
    Karl: it’s also impossible to get a car towed if you get blocked
    Ben: let’s have a transportation forum
    Becky: the use of the Boot…policy
    Sylvie: is there any chance of getting something to Hartford
    Saul: the Datco shuttle isn’t getting used much; we need to get a description of what it is so people know what it is.
    Karl: I’d really like to see a map of where the ride goes.
    Everyone else: the maps are at the stops themselves.
    Mike: So people who go to Boston, go to New Haven to go there?
    Strawpole: if we had an additional funding source, would you want it to go to reducing fees or go towards zip car?
    Zip car — overwhelming majority
    Jen: I was going to suggest that FiFac work with ITS/OEAC to come up with an online guide to transportation.
    Cordelia: I think that the services to Hartford really need to be highlighted.
    Vickie: I think it would be a good idea to get something going to Meriden.

  6. OUC Presentation and Discussion
    Mike, Saul, Cesar, Genevieve, Chris Goy (in absentia)
    Jen: What is the cloud? Wes 2.0? Micro-blogging?
    Ben: this is an idea — did you think about senior interviewers/or some range of Wes students to blog throughout the year? So, we follow the lives of these students for the year.
    Cesar: the thing that came out from the meeting is that administrators don’t know all of the tools out there’ we want to highlight these so that the administration can then use them to our best advantage.
    Karl: what type of effort is going to be undertaken to change the Wes presence on sites like collegeconfidential?
    Cordelia: I think that the idea of Open Classroom is great. The powerpoint mentioned text messaging. How are we planning to implement that?
    Saul: people who get email/ twitter updates on their phone, could get updates, reminders etc.
    Jen: I was wondering if the committee looked into the non-technological ways of promoting Wes?
    Cesar: ITS is looking into making things easier for non-technological people; for example — on the new google calendars, importing the CFA calendar onto your own.
    David: I think broadcasting the tour/visiting experience is a good first step.
    Bradley: I think highlighting not just the big things on our main web page but also the little things going on is important.
    Sylvie: I was wondering if we could get representatives from different areas to promote Wes.
    Cordelia: if professors are uncomfortable with video, we could do just the audio on out itunes account etc.
    Justin: one concern — as we develop more and more of this user generated media, its going to become really difficult for the university/ UR / admission to send out the cohesive message they want. Second, does president Roth have twitter?
    Ali: as far as having individual students blog, I remember seeing a bio of different students at wes when I was a prospective student, but I don’t think it was ever updated.
    Candace: I think it would be great to have people like transfers, visitors give their opinion.
    Vickie: I think in terms of the international community, it’s good to explore the facebook pages of different countries.
    Ben: I would like to argue that the stuff on the main web page doesn’t really grab a prospective students’ attention
    Karl: on a different note, I would like to see more of touring the campus etc. done better.
    It would be good if we could get our buildings etc. up on googlemaps
    Candace: I like the images more than the boring writing — why can’t you click on the images to see some videos? Also, what is WESU doing as a radio station? There is so much that could be done through that
    Saul: what do people think of the idea of having the content laid out similarly to the way the Huffington Post is organized?

  7. New Business and Announcements
    Saul: the social justice day leadership conference is looking for students to help plan if anyone is interested. Tuesday, 5.00pm, Usdan.
    Becky: there is going to be a second session of training for process advisor.
    Meherazade: I don’t know if people have heard but the Wesleyan power plant has gone to being 80% efficient.
    Bradley: here’s how putting up posters if going to work
    Mike: member of the week — Sylvie
    Meeting closed — 8.55 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Meherazade Sumariwalla ’12

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