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Opening of Meeting: 7:05 pm

Minutes: September 21, 2008

WSA Officers

Meeting Agenda and Business

  1. Roll Call
  2. Fight Song
  3. Approval of last week’s minutes
  4. Fountain Avenue Policy
  5. Introduction of Event Funding Resolution with non-substantive questions- Chris Goy
  6. Committee Reports
  7. New Business and Announcements
  8. Internal Elections for Fountain Commission
  1. Fountain Avenue Policy


- Becky proposed amendment to the Fountain Avenue Policy changing “administration” to “community”

- Chris Goy comments on proposing friendly amendments electronically prior to the meeting


35 in favor

1 absent

Fountain Avenue Policy Discussion


    • Jen comments that she doesn’t think public safety should have to call an administrator before calling mpd. They should be able to make a decision on site
    • Pernick commented that there is currently no written policy for when MPD should be contacted
    • Ben urges that any written policy must be very specific and not binding so as not to hinder psafe’s ability to call police in danger situations like Virginia Tech
    • Chris Goy believes that in events considered non-emergencies psafe should first contact a dean of the school before contacting MPD. Or, should fill in MPD to the current situation. Also, thinks the party policy should be site-specific for unregistered parties keeping in mind building size.
    • Cesar says that Dave Meyer has said that psafe is very lenient with whoever calls MPD. Also, on a public street 6 cop cars are needed to clear 300 people. He thinks parties on private property, in back yards of senior houses, it should be a psafe concern.
    • Candace comments that students in houses are more “Middletown residents” that students in dorms and that students should take a more active role in getting to know their neighbors so that neighbors don’t go directly to the MPD
    • Karl doesn’t think a promise from psafe will ever be enough. He thinks formal policies will be much easier to change than verbal agreements with psafe.
    • Elise says coco is working on ways to better relationships with MPD and neighbors and is open to suggestions
    • Benedict asks whether anyone has looked into buying Fountain avenue.
    • Rob asks about the Fountain party last year and why MPD was involved and asked whether it had to do with a policy to close down parties during exam week and also if there were any noise complaints.
    • Mike says an incident like this happens every few years and thinks the student body should be educated on how to interact with MPD and act in these sorts of situations. He thinks actual policy change is the only way to have some longer lasting change.
    • Chris Goy suggests that psafe cars need louder speakers. The fact that students were attacked by dogs because they couldn’t hear the announcements made to leave the party is not acceptable
    • Morgan  asks who is going to follow through with all of the recommendations made.
    • Candace thinks students should realize the jurisdiction of psafe and of MPD—being on campus does not make one exempt of the local authorities.
    • Jeff asks if there is any talk of following up legally with MPD
    • Saul believes the establishment of a policy is of the utmost importance to verify when the police should be called. Saul would also like to discuss the hand-held camera policy
    • Cesar wonders if someone can speak to how the woodframe house meeting went this year
    • Saul replies that Dave added a ten minute section to the meeting.
    • Bradley asks about the Middletown Police internal review.
    • Mike replies that the MPD feels proud about the way their officers acted that night and doesn’t think anything will go forth
    • Benedict comments that police violence is an issue in this country and urges someone to start a campus group to investigate the issue
    • David asks if public safety is allowed to monitor the cameras according to the policy set forth last year
    • Cesar comments that the original  goal of the cameras is to be a passive control.
    • Jaynice doesn’t know how Wesleyan students can not feel some sort of entitlement when they can smoke pot on the hill during 4/20.
    • David discusses the use of hand-held cameras. David also discussed other instances in which the police can be called in without psafe. Also, he thinks psafe must need approval from a dean before calling MPD
    • Cesar comments about instances where psafe cannot be passive
    • Ben comments about a message made during freshman orientation where they were informed that one cant run away from an MPD officer onto Wesleyan property and expect to be exempt
    • Becky comments that we are here to represent students and thinks we need to find a way to make legal policies that wont hurt students
    • Jen doesn’t think we should design a policy that will be ignored.
    • Chris comments that he knows of cases where students were prosecuted by the SJB for footage during spring fling. He also comments that there are many cases in which students are very cooperative in clearing a party but that psafe still takes down their information and they are later prosecuted by the SJB. Chris suggests that psafe officers should be able to offer input to the SJB
    • Cesar fears creating policies to tie psafes hands. Cesar comments that the policy should reflect that students should be able to act like adults when interacting with psafe and MPD
    • Candace is hesitant to make a policy in such a way that it will definitely not be followed. She asks what constitutes an emergency?
    • David thinks the use of handheld recorders should not be allowed and that it should be difficult for psafe to contact MPD
    • Micah comments that our policy should be revolved around keeping us safe. Unless there is a case of violence, the police should not be called on campus.
  1. Introduction to Event Funding Resolution


  • Karl asks how these independent project groups will compare to well-established group in forming proposals.
  • Chris replies

Motion to table the discussion to following week.

  1. Committee Reports



- Jeff asks when the Albritton center will be completed

- Benedict asks which proposal was chosen

- Liana asks what “study of public life” means

- Chris asks if the outside of the building will be changed

- Sami asks about the absence of grilled chicken at lunch

- Cesar asks about a cafe in the albritton center.



  • Chris asks about credit analysis report





  • Bradley asks when Dean Danny is leaving
  • Candace asks about the “items removed by” section of the fire safety form
  • Joanna asks when the class to get rid of fines will begin
  • Mike suggests that an email should be sent to anyone receiving a fine announcing dates for fire safety classes
  • Bradley asks how a “culprit” is determined on balconies by fire safety.





  • Chris asks the role OEAC will having coordinating wesvotes
  • Rob asks about a polling place on campus



  1. New Business and Announcements

- Saul comments about placards and returning surveys at the close of the meeting

- Chris discusses hall captains for registering the campus to vote

  1. Internal Elections

Respectfully Submitted,

Samantha Pop specific

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