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Wesleyan Student Assembly — Wesleyan University

Opening of Meeting: 7:05 pm

Minutes: September 28, 2008


1. Roll Call
2. Fight Song

3. Approval of Minutes
4. Open Forum
5. Discussion of SBC Independent Projects Resolution

6. Committee Reports
7. New Business and Announcements

1. Roll Call

2. Fight Song

3. Approval of Minutes


Chris Goy motions to correct his statement in the previous minutes which was incorrectly quoted

Motion passed

4. Open forum

5. Discussion of SBC Independent Projects Resolution


Chris Goy briefly reintroduces resolution

Chris doesn’t think any WSA member will have to serve more than once in response to Micah’s question

Mike has an amendment, introduces it and it is put in

Micah wants to know how members will be assigned to Independent Projects

Chris’ reply — it will be random/at Bradley’s discretion

Saul — questionnaires done last week asking WSA members where they like to work will help in matching projects to WSA members

Elise wants to know if this will be voluntary

Chris reiterates that it is not a big commitment

Saul gives his wholehearted support to the resolution

Bradley amends wording on the issue of all members need to have served before we recycle through (ex — Mike as the President may not have the time to do it)

Becky reminds everyone that while it is not a huge commitment, it is a commitment

Liana wants to know if the ‘engagement in the community’ aspect of the resolution isn’t similar to CoCo’s goals

Micah is in support of the Independent projects, but doesn’t think any member of the WSA should be forced to oversee a project.

Benedict brings up the point that everyone should read the resolution before they come to the meeting

Chris and Elise remind Micah that the projects will be screened through by CoCo and the SBC before it comes to matching a WSA rep, this will wees out the projects that are not serious enough and haven't been thought through

Justin introduces small amendments, mostly grammatical and wording

Saul is not comfortable with the assumption that no one in the WSA will be willing to sponsor a particular project.

Elise is in agreement with Chris on the responsibility of members to see this through

Sami thinks people are confused and hesitant to sponsor projects because they don’t know what the job entails

Chris gives an example to answer Sami’s question

Bradley wants an estimate as to how many such projects might come up

Chris thinks there will be a lot of interest generated if the policy is well known

Ben goes back to the example Chris gave and wants to know the criteria through which the coordinator will select the WSA member

Morgan wants to know why a small committee can’t be formed of people who are willing to serve as a sponsor no matter what

Candace stresses that this really shouldn’t be stressful

Motion to vote on resolution


Yes — 33

No — 2

Abstention — 0

Absent — 1

Resolution Passed

6. Committee Reports


Becky asks Benedict to briefly tell the committee about the issues discussed with Caroline Sorkin for those who don’t know

Benedict: the issues of credit and studying abroad


Ben wants surveys from those who haven’t submitted them

Justin wants to know what progress has been made on the transition to Google Education for students

Cesar responds

Becky wants to know why faculty aren’t also moving over to gmail

Becky wants to know about putting suggestion box on doors in places like LowRise

Mike is really excited about the ITS advisory committee

Mike wants to do something about Cisco

Justin brings up student privacy issues

Cesar says there aren’t too many better options to Cisco

Mike wants to know if it will be discussed then

Saul talks about the option of browser windows

Karl wants to know if ‘first class’ has ever been considered


Mike thinks that when we talk of our relationship with custodial staff, we should try and improve them and this doesn’t necessarily mean voicing our complains to them


Mike wants records kept about details of fire - appeals



Mike wants to know about to-go for dinner

Quick straw pole on whether people would like to-go for dinner

Saul talks about how zip-cars have been a huge deal at other colleges and we should look at it very seriously

Discussion about hours for Pi cafe and total labor hours — where we could cut and add

Transportation: Cesar suggests looking into CT limo

Outsourcing of shuttle would be cost effective

Bradley brings up that the cost of the zip-cars have to be covered for the summer


7. New Business and Announcements

- President Roth will be coming to the meeting next week

- Paula Lawson — recognition for her work

- Liana — Roosevelt think tank will be setting up soon

All Committee Reports

Academic Affairs Committee

EPC met on Monday.

- We had a productive discussion with Carolyn Sorkin, head of OIS, and Anna van der Burg on educational policy related to Study Abroad.

Benedict, Cordelia, and David attended a meeting put together by the Center for Faculty Career Development to discuss Faculty members’ experiences with FYI’s and proposals for improving the program.

AAC continues to work on issues related to Commencement and hopes to be presenting more information in next week’s meeting.

Organization and External Affairs


- Cesar will co-chair the ITS Advisory Committee which David and Meherazade will also sit on. The committee will meet soon to vote on a proposal to transition webmail to Google Apps for Education.

- ITS is in preparations for creating a process to rethink the Wesleyan homepage.

- OEAC will all have Frontpage training after this week to be able to make changes to the WSA homepage.


- Approximately 40 students attended the Fountain discussion.

- Sami is researching the cost of printing a banner to hang in a prominent location in Usdan to advertise our meeting times.


- OEAC is making suggestion boxes for everyone’s doors.

- Expect to hear from us soon with requests to visit meetings of residences and student groups.



Saul Carlin


Ben Firke


Cesar Medina


Sami Pop


Bradley Spahn


Meherazade Sumariwalla


Student Affairs Committee

The Undergraduate Residential Life Committee (URLC) met for the first time this week.

- We planned our agenda for the year, but are always looking for more issues to address.

- We discussed the possibility of opening the adjoining doors between singles of interested students in Nic 7 and Hewitt. ResLife opposes the idea, but we are working on a compromise that will have the Area Coordinator keep track of opened doors. Discussion will continue next week when Fran Koerting will bring information on how this could affect GRS.

The Student Life Committee (SLC) also met for the first time this week.

- We have an ambitious agenda planned for the year. We intend to address the Sexual Misconduct Policy, Alcohol & Other Drugs issues (AOD), Student Affairs budget reductions, as well as create numerous sub-committees to draw up concrete policy in response to the Fountain Ave. Working Group recommendations.

The Fire Safety & Facilities Appeals Board met for the first time this week.

- They granted more than half of student appeals, while a few were tabled. Lots of money was given back to students!

The AOD sub-committees are gathering members and are planning their agendas for the year.

The Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC), reviewed tons of applications and selected new members.

- SHAC is considering subscribing to an electronic magazine called Student Health 101. Interested students would receive the e-mag regularly.

- SHAC now has a sub-committee called SPLAT that will be planning for pandemics. They will be holding a session during Homecoming and will be distributing pamphlets.

We are still looking for someone to serve on the Queer Task Force, which will be addressing policy issues that specifically effect LGBTQQ students. Please, let me know if you are interested!

Fountain Ave. Policy Commission

The Fountain Ave. policy discussion was a success. We had a good student turn out and lots of great thoughts and ideas that really got us thinking.

Community Outreach Committee


- Will meet this Thursday at 5pm, will meet on Mondays thereafter.

- Adam Ilowite, Karl Grindal, and Elise Rosenthal. will be the WSA members sitting on the committee

- However, we will be appointing a non-WSA person to the committee. ASK YOUR FRIENDS TO APPLY. It’s a great way to get involved and to better psafe -student — MPD relations.


- Liana will take Michelle’s seat, Justin is taking Karl’s seat.

Campus speakers/shows

- Over the WSA email address has been bombarded with emails about speakers and shows that want to come to campus. Greer will be taking care of them for now on.

Custodial Staff relations

- Greer is looking into how relations between the custodial staff in dorms can feel more welcomed by students.

Community Service House Oral History project

- Liana is working on this and they are currently choosing the best mode for recording.

Group Listservs have been assigned to committee members to monitor and encourage the use of.

Block Parties

- Karl is looking into the town’s policy on block parties.

- If they are allowed, block parties between Middletown residents and students may be arranged.

The Wesleyan Christian Fellowship is interested in bringing students to churches to better relations.

190 high- Lisa and Elise are meeting next week to make sure everything with 190 High is set up. We may advertise the availability of the space as some student groups who used it last year have not yet returned to the building.

Name Meeting1 Meeting2 Meeting3 Meeting4 Meeting5

Elise Rosenthal


Karl Grindal


Justin LaSelva


Michelle Garcia



Liana Woskie



Greer Dent


The Commission has begun work on sorting out the nitty gritty of policy. We are thinking carefully what specifics we want to address for each issue.

We are currently planning meetings with numerous administrators. Next week we hope to meet with the Fountain Ave. Working Group, Dave Meyer to discuss camera policy and PSAFE protocols, Tim Shiner and Dean Rick to discuss the Social Event Policy, and Scott Backer to discuss SJB policy.

1. Finance and Facilities

Dining Advisory Committee

1. Discussed changes made so far.

2. Discussed upcoming changes.

1. Highlights: hard ice cream in the Marketplace, grab-and-go for lunch at Summerfields, queer cafe starting Thursday at Pi.

2. Possibly changing hours at Pi.


1. Vickie attended first meeting on Tuesday.

Transportation Meeting

1. Brought Ali and Amy up to speed on last year's progress.

2. Discussed plans going forward.

1. Looking to outsource shuttle service to private company.

2. Hoping to get ZipCar.

Use UR.

Name Meeting 1 Meeting 2 Meeting 3 Meeting 4 Meeting 5
Saul Carlin P
Bradley Spahn L
Benedict Bernstein EL
Chris Goy EA
Elise Rosenthal P
Becky Weiss P
Jen Liebschutz P

Student Budget Committee

All seven members were in attendance.

The SBC held its second round of initials this week. Our five new members are learning quickly; both on their own and with the help of Jared Keller '09.

$83,370.00 has been allocates thus far.

$16,195.00 was allocated this week.

Highlights include:

- The Wesleyan Sailing Club got all new gear.

- The Sound Co-op got 2 new 2,200 Watt, 4.4 KwH speakers. Get ready for even louder concerts.

- The Interfaith Fast-a-thon raised $11,000 for the local soup kitchen in Middletown. The SBC-funded food had lines out the doors.

- The Argus came in, no final decision has yet been made. Jared Keller and Candace Buckner are meeting with the Business Editor and Editor-in-Chief.

WSA Office Report

In addition to the regular workflow, Jan Marie Olownia worked with Lisa Hendrix, ITS web design and Desktop Support Team to update the Resources section of the WSA website.

Though orientation period has passed, the new staff (all but one are new) is still getting accustomed to the routine office procedures. The students take time with filling out forms; they double and triple check their work for errors.

Last semester’s forms have been updated by the office managers.

WSA Coordinator Report

Coordinated with Finance Office to complete the hiring process for Yearbook Publishers. Olga Bookas and I were able to negotiate with both companies to come down 20% on price of publication and we do not have to pay any upfront cost.

Attended AFCA meeting; AFCA is volunteer organization comprised primarily of administrators, faculty, and staff of African, Latino, Native American, and Asian descent, provides fellowship and support to all students, faculty, and staff on campus paying particular attention to the needs of the people of color in the community.

Arrange a consultation with University Event and Scheduling to learn the online procedure for processing student requests for facilities use and event cost. Also, discussed plans for moving Student Activities Fair 2009 to Usdan center. Fair would be partly under tent and inside of Beckham Hall.

Review policies and procedures with several office workers. Explained exactly how they work, the impact they have on students, and how they can be more efficient or effective.

Worked with Jan Marie Olownia who is working with ITS web-design and Desktop Support team to update Resources section on WSA website; goal to have calendar feature added so students can schedule appointments with me online and revamp reimbursement section of website.

Executive Committee

Board of Trustees retreat

- Full report from Saul in a week

- Dinner with President Roth

- Becky babysat for Roth’s daughter

Dean Mike invited the entire WSA to have dinner at his house

Fountain Avenue Policy Commission

- We had our forum, about 30 people attended

- The Commission has already met several times and is setting up meetings with administrators

Name EC Meeting, Wednesday September 26

Saul Carlin

Bradley Spahn P
Benedict Bernstein P
Chris Goy P
Elise Rosenthal P
Becky Weiss P
Jen Liebschutz P

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