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Wesleyan Student Assembly — Wesleyan University

Minutes: November 16, 2008


1. Fight Song

2. Approval of Minutes

3. Open Forum

4. Committee Reports

5. Sandy Tello-Cardinal Council

6. Approval of WSA Endowment

7. New Business and Announcements

Meeting opens — 7:00 pm


1) Fight Song

2) Approval of Minutes

Minutes approved

3) Open Forum

4) Committee Reports


  • Paul: I would like to address the issue of drug/alcohol busts during ‘fire safety’ inspections
  • Mike: This is exactly the type of thing that we can do something about. Please submit the appropriate complaint form regarding these issues


  • Candace: the common app is so generic, if we had a Wesleyan app, we could get a better idea of the applicant
  • Cesar: who do I complain to about all the lights on the 3rd floor right side stack being out?
  • Vickie: can someone explain the deadline for student option grading
  • Mike: can we talk about the timeline for the prison in college program


  • Amy: can you explain a little more about planning a workshop for education (AOD)
  • David: how do you plan to incorporate it into classes?
  • Bradley: how much faculty input goes into these committees?
  • Mike: what has AOD been discussing?
  • Justin: a lot has been about researching other schools’ policies; also keg registration
  • Micah: one of the outcomes will be that 21 year old students, who can legal have a keg, will end up coming in front of the SJB for keg violations
  • Candace: I’m confused, if you have a registered event, you are registered
  • Micah: what this means is, hosts will have to register for events, and you will have to register the alcohol as well. (for group alcohol, i.e. kegs and even punch bowls)
  • Mike: this would discourage kegs and other large containers at events, which would end up with people pre-gaming more, and lead to more unsafe drinking and hospitalizations
  • Micah: this would just end up being a disaster; PSafe will also be unable to control the alcohol source (right now PSafe can go straight to the keg), but when there is no alcohol at the scene, it will be more difficult
  • Do we have the number of hospitalization?
  • Ben: point of info: for the month of Sept. there has been over a 50% increase from last year
  • Candace: did the sub-committee think about the impracticality of this?




  • Meherazade: Where is the information about the shuttle to New Haven for Thanksgiving
  • Jeff: Are we looking into the recyclability of SOLO cups
  • Candace: What’s happening to the signs outside the bathroom in Usdan
  • Jen: sign up for your Thanksgiving Dinner!
  • Saul: suggestion for Usdan Advisory Committee: let’s look into more events like the one we had on election night


  • Justin: what does difference in funding coverage mean?

5) Sandy Tello & Anand Satchidanandan — Cardinal Council (Student-Alumni relations)

    • Brief description of what they do, and discussion of proposed committee to enhance Cardinal Council mission.

6) Approval of allocation of the WSA Endowment

    • Chris introduces how the $ 150,000 surplus from last year has been invested
    • Benedict explains the chart with the growth projection of the surplus and the withdrawal
    • Meherazade: $ 50,000 was invested in a short term CD — how long before we can draw from that money?
    • David: are we accounting the projection with inflation also affecting the requests

Appropriation of the Endowment: 27 in favor, 0 opposed and 2 abstain

7) New Business and Announcements

Respectfully Submitted,

Meherazade Sumariwalla ’12

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