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WSA: Resolution on the Necessity of Shuttle and Escort Services on Campus

April 4, 2004

WHEREAS the safety of all Wesleyan students is a priority of the Wesleyan Student Assembly;

WHEREAS, that safety may be compromised when students walk alone after dark;

WHEREAS students have the propensity to an illusion of invulnerability, the elimination of the escort service would increase the likelihood that students place themselves at risk by forgoing the limited shuttle service.

WHEREAS there have been numerous assaults of students walking on campus in recent years;

WHEREAS Wesleyan is an unique campus in its integration within the Middletown community;

WHEREAS, since the shuttle service does not have stops everywhere on campus, and not all stops are near blue light phones, students may be waiting alone for up to thirty minutes;

WHEREAS no reconfiguration or expansion of the shuttle service would thoroughly cover students’ safety needs and whereas, the escort service compensates for the inherent limitations of the shuttle service by providing door-to-door service;

WHEREAS a walking escort would leave the escort hirself vulnerable;

WHEREAS some violence on campus has been perpetrated by groups of individuals who might not be deterred by the presence of the walking escort;

WHEREAS many students feel uncomfortable walking a long distance with a stranger, and students may compromise their safety rather than wait the extra time for a walking escort;

WHEREAS the walking escort position would put work study students at a class disadvantage because of the late hours, inclement weather, and potential danger associated with the job.

WHEREAS the WSA rejects the notion that it is worth eliminating current services that enhance students’ safety because they may be costly for the University;

WHEREAS Wesleyan University has a responsibility to provide for the safety of its students and some abuse of the escort service does not warrant its termination;

THEREFORE be it resolved that the Wesleyan Student Assembly supports the continuation of both the safety shuttle and the car-escort service and urges Public Safety and the Office of Auxiliary Services to include both of these vital services in their planning;

THEREFORE be it further resolved that the Wesleyan Student Assembly insists that Public Safety and the Office of Auxiliary Services maintain the car-escort service, given its irreplaceable importance in ensuring the safety of Wesleyan students.


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