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We performed for the first time with our Newbies - Elise, Claire, Sena, Megan, and Cara (yay!) - at the Homecoming A Cappella concert on Saturday, October 18 for all adoring parents!

Ono performed at the All A Cappella Concert during orientation week with only 7 voices! Thanks for the guest appearance, Lynn!

We performed with special friends Brandeis Voicemale in February.  YAYYY


Our winter concert, Onomatopoeia presents: LUMBERJACKTION was a breathtaking display of woodland feats.  We premiered 1234 by Feist.

Homecoming Weekend was fun and we sang.

Our first concert of the fall, Sexley in Exley, happened in the science center lobby right before fall break.  We were surprised and delighted by the massive turnout!  New members Mollie McFee '10 and Mica Taliaferro '11 shook their Ono tailfeathers for the first time to rave reviews.  We sang

The Final Concert Extravaganza of Spring 2007 went down May 15 in the World Music Hall...we debuted What Goes Around Comes Around and Chicago!  What glee!

We sang at many a gathering at Reunion and Commencement 2k7, May 24th-27th!

Ono was thrilled to sing at the reception dinner for new President Michael Roth on April 27th! It was really exciting to be part of this special event!  We sang Helplessly Hoping, the ole favorite, and then Seven, because middle aged people like Prince too.  Then we joined the Spirits in leading the audience in singing the fight song!  Oh glory hallelujah what enthusiasm!

Wesfest! A crowd of mostly not-prefrosh gathered on April 20 at Admissions to hear Ono sing Demons, Galileo, and that other song.

Ono gave a rip-roaring performance in February at the Board of Trustees/Alumni Dinner at a CASTLE!  I thought it was more like a Tudor Manor, but whateva... We sang Angel From Montgomery and Signed Sealed Delivered, and we even put on nice clothes!  Great moments of joy were had by all involved.

Random Olin concert happened sometime in February, I think...it's kinda hazy at this point.

So I was abroad in the fall and nobody felt like playing with the website apparently, so...no descriptions of anything that happened in the fall.


Ono's final concert of the semester was May 13 at Alpha Delt.
We premiered Signed, Sealed, Delivered and Losing Lisa!  We also said goodbye to Beth Bernstein, our sole, beloved senior.  We will miss her.  She will come back to visit.  Or else.

Once again, Ono performed at the annual Take Back the Night ceremony.  We sang Tori Amos' "Me and a Gun" in the first circle in the Butterfields.

On Thursday, April 20 Ono rocked the prefrosh at Admissions.  Hard.

We had a jolly good time performing with "A Little Off the Top," Wesleyan's new barbershop quartet, right before spring break.  Olin was the venue once again.  We sang a bunch of songs, but, notably, premiered the Beatles' "Because."

First concert of oh-six was February 20something in Olin at night.  We sang "the moon song," Finally, Tell Him, and Seven.


The FINAL FALL CONCERT happened December 15 in the MPR.  If you missed it, I am truly, deeply sorry, because in my opinion, this concert reached previously-unknown levels of hotness.  We premiered Leader of the Pack and Love the One You're With and damn did we look fine.  The whole concert is now available as video clips on the recordings page.  Yay! Props to Tom Quigley for cinematography.

Onomatopoeia appeared briefly on December 15 at a tree lighting during Light Up the North End in Middletown.  Thanks to all who came to listen!

Ono performed on December 7 as part of an AIDS benefit concert for World Aids Week.

Onomatopoeia's appearance at the Homecoming/Family Weekend concert may have been brief, but it was exhilarating for literally everyone involved. We performed Tell Him and pseudo-premiered Seven. Pseudo because it's an old Ono song that hasn't been done in a while.  Keep watch for it at upcoming concerts, cause it's hot.  It has perky, happy lyrics like "we will see a plague and a river of blood and every evil soul will surely die."  Sorry for using italics twice in one paragraph, yeahhhh.

On Friday, October 21, the Bates Merimanders joined Onomatopoeia in the Science Center Lobby for a veritable jubilee of all-female a cappella. It was super fun! 

If you missed our early October concert, it's because it was a SURPRISE!  Onomatopoeia snuck very sneakily into the Olin lobby and performed a flash concert on October 11 at 11:15 p.m. or thereabouts.  We performed Galileo, Angel from Montgomery, and No Rain.  Thank you very much to our spontaneous audience who braved the elements to come listen to us. Major props, audience.

Auditions were held September 13th and 14th or something like that.  Welcome to our group's new members, Rhonde, Molly, and Gavi! H'ray!

Onomatopoeia appeared at the Orientation A Cappella Concert.  We performed Helplessly Hoping and Real Love.  Yes, only two songs.  A teaser, if you will.  More to come!

Our  final spring concert for 2005 was held Monday, May 2nd in the World Music Hall.  Check out the Recordings page for video clips of the concert provided by Mrs. Pancrazi!

We also performed at Admissions during Wesfest.  We premiered Finally and performed Helplessly Hoping, Not the Doctor, No Rain, and Oral Hygiene.

We gave a concert March 24th in Olin Library.  We performed Helplessly Hoping, Turtledove, Freedom, and premiered No Rain.  It was all very exciting.

We also gave a concert at Olin Library on February 15th.  We performed Lullaby, Galileo, Not the Doctor, Hunger, and Real Love. This event was likewise exhilarating.


In December we gave a tea time concert in Alpha Delt's living room. 

We also performed at Parents and Family Weekend in October in the Memorial Chapel.

Keep checking for the next concert because the excitement will, doubtless, continue.

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