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WSA SBC Allocations

The WSA’s Student Budget Committee (SBC) allocates funds to recognized student groups at Wesleyan. Numerous policies, criteria and procedures are set to ensure than funds are being fairly allocated. The SBC assists student groups and handles questions regarding the allocation process. The SBC works closely with WSA administrators and Student Activities staff to oversee the successful completion of events and experiences that occur in the Wesleyan community.

SBC funding comes from the annual Student Activities Fee, which is included as part of tuition costs. Student Groups that would like to come in to request funds from the SBC must already be registered as an official active student group by COCo and must designate a financial contact.

  1. Requesting Funds from the SBC
  2. Preparing for an SBC meeting
  3. Gaining maximum funding for your student group
  4. Accessing the SBC’s decision and your funds
  5. Questions for the SBC
  6. Additional SBC forms

Requesting funds from the SBC

  1. Create a funding request form. From your E-portfolio, click on the “WSA Tools and Applications” link. There you will find the SBC Allocations tab, where you can choose to create or update a request form.

    1. Note any amounts entered under “Additional Sources of Funding” or “Predicted Income”
    2. Click “SUBMIT to SBC” in green, when you are finished detailing your request.
    3. You can send the SBC an email further detailing the request at sbc@lyris.wesleyan.eduif needed.
  2. Sign up for a time slot to meet with the SBC on the sign-up sheet in the WSA office.

    1. The sign-up sheet will be available every Monday morning.
    2. Meetings are held ever Monday at 4:15pm in Usdan 104.

Preparing for an SBC meeting

  1. Look for alternate sources of funding from departments, organizations, or program funds.

    1. Consider using money from your group’s income account.
  2. Make sure that your event or date of payment is at least two weeks away.
  3. Read the SBC Contract.

Gaining maximum funding for your student group

  1. Open your event to as many people as possible and advertise within the Wesleyan community.
  2. Ensure that the request relates to the group’s mission statement and goals.
  3. Note that the SBC does not fund

    1. Groups unrecognized by COCo.
    2. Events that violate University Policy.
    3. Food or Drink unless it directly relates to the cultural purpose of the event.
    4. Donations, gifts, or prizes.
    5. Program House events that are not open to the greater community.
    6. Honorariums or expenses for current faculty.
    7. Trips that occur over breaks.
    8. Alcoholic beverages, spirits, tobacco products, controlled or illegal substances.
    9. Facility or maintenance upgrades.

Accessing the SBC’s decision and your funds

  1. To find the results of the request and the SBC’s decision, go to “View Submitted Request Form” on the same SBC Allocations tab and look under Request Information.
  2. If the SBC deferred your request, you can still apply for money at later time.
  3. Go to the WSA office to utilize your funds. Receive reimbursements upon presenting valid receipts, write a check using your SBC funds, or use the WSA credit card for large sums.

Questions for the SBC

If you have any questions, contact the SBC representative that oversees your club category.

SBC Member E-mail Group Category
Aubrey Hamilton ahamilton@wesleyan.edu Activism
Adam Fishman aefishman@wesleyan.edu Identity
Patrick Lee plee01@wesleyan.edu Other & Independent Projects
Candace Buckner cbuckner@wesleyan.edu Music & Performance
Chris Goy rgoy@wesleyan.edu Program House
Jared Keller jbkeller@wesleyan.edu Publications
Charlie Kurose ckurose@wesleyan.edu Sports

If you would like to contact all committee members, you can email the SBC at sbc@lyris.wesleyan.edu.

Access Additional SBC Forms

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