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No Reason to Stay: The Case for Immediate Withdrawal


In the event of military occupation of one country by another, the moral burden of justification rests on the occupying force. If the occupying power cannot justify its presence, it should withdraw immediately. This pamphlet scrutinizes the major arguments used to support the occupation. None of the arguments hold up under close examination, making the continued occupation of Iraq morally unacceptable. We conclude that an immediate US withdrawal from Iraq is the only solution at the present time; though not a perfect solution, it is the best course of action if we are genuinely concerned about Iraq’s future.


This pamphlet, produced by Wesleyan University’s Students for Ending the War in Iraq (SEWI), reflects three years of continuous research, discussion, and action undertaken with the goal of ending the US military intervention in Iraq. We hope that in some small way it will help bring about the US military’s rapid withdrawal from Iraq and a more humane foreign policy in the future. [More...]

The Left's Uneasiness Over Immediate Withdrawal from Iraq

By Kevin Young

In recent public debate, many on the Left have hesitated to support an immediate withdrawal from Iraq, citing the need to rebuild and the possibility of increased violence and insecurity in an already decimated Iraq. This is why we must leave now and begin the real reconstruction. [More...]