First Event of Fall '08

Posted 28 Aug by Dan Buchoff

Join us for our first event of this new semester. We will be making delicious, creamy ice cream with liquid nitrogen, which is like regular ice cream, but more exciting. Free ice cream! All are welcome!

  • What: liquid nitrogen ice cream
  • Where: Cady Lounge (Science Tower room 255)
  • When: 10pm, Monday 8 September

Welcome to SPS!

Posted 28 Aug by Dan Buchoff

Welcome to the SPS website. We are excited to be planning some fun things for this coming semester.

Join us every Monday night at 10:00 p.m. in the Cady Lounge or conference room (both on the second floor Science Tower) for some fun, food, laughter and a say in what SPS will be blowing up doing next. All are welcome!

Last semester, our activities included:

  • setting off model rockets
  • firing a railgun with the power of electromagnets
  • launching [or at least trying to] a ping-pong ball by using a vacuum
  • making aluminium muffin sculptures in a charcoal furnace
  • smashing printers to oblivion with a baseball bat
  • various nerdy movie nights