New News

We are currently sifting through the submissions we received for this year's edition of The Hangman's Lime. Please look for #16 during the spring semester.

Static News

For the past thirteen years, The Hangman's Lime has been Wesleyan's only all poetry journal. Each year we select small number of works from a great many submissions to publish them in an issue put out in spring.
As magazine editors and members of the reading public, we believe in the value of a community of poets. This community is as multifacted as the word will allow, and those boundaries are stretched and redefined with every poem produced. Our mission is that the Lime be an outlet for the voices of undergrad poets at Wesleyan and through our efforts encourage open discussion about poetry.

Old News

You can read about The Hangman's Lime in volume CXLII, number 15 of The Wesleyan Argus.

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