Wesleyan University’s Trans/Gender Group!!

We meet Monday nights at 9 PM in the QRC. All are welcome!

Welcome to the Wesleyan University trans/gender group web site! It is very much a work in progress, but hopefully it will still be useful to you as we build it. Your input and help would be great. If you know anything about anything gender related or group related that should be up on this site, send me the text at dlgrassian@grassian.edu and I’ll put it up. Examples: What should a trans prefrosh know? What are some good books for people new to gender stuff to read? If someone could write up something about the trans health stuff, or a history of gender-neutral housing, more comments for the bottoms of the page, etc. that would be great.

Wanna join the group? Just come to a meeting! This is what we’re doing this year, plus whatever else you think of… yay trans/gender group activities 2007-08!!!

  • Now that we’ve gotten gender neutral housing back, keeping it that way… and updating the policy
  • organize students who strongly support gender-neutral housing
  • update/create new zine to distribute to prefrosh, current students
  • bring in speakers/get funds for speakers. Start planning April.
  • gender-neutral bathrooms—keep working, especially with the new Usdan Campus Center.
  • continue work with Davison Health Center to make good, gender-sensitive health care easier to access.
  • work with the student committee working to improve Behavioral Health on campus.
  • write info sheet for Career Resource Center on the addition of gender id/expression to the non-discrim policy, to be given to companies recruiting on campus.
  • continue work with Office of Admissions to improve atmosphere for gender-variant pre-frosh
  • work at making alliances with other campus groups
  • trans remembrance day art installation, tdr vespers, discussions, movies, art. big event!
  • gender workshop for the queer retreat?
  • movie nights
  • more discussions
  • a “how to be an ally” pamphlet/zine/reading list?
  • intersex awareness day
  • how can we ensure the group functions as a support space for those who need/want it? what other supportive spaces can we provide on campus?
  • ???what else????

wesleyan university trans/gender group: anti-essentialist binary-breaking for the post-structuralist crowd.