Here are gender-blind links

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gender-neutral housing links

Links to Check Out

Wesleyan Argus Articles

Articles from larger media sources:

  • New York Times You have to pay to see the version at the NYTimes site, but here's it reposted.
  • Hartford Courant This is a reprint from another source. The AP picked up the article and it ran in many outlets across the country.
  • Chronicle of Higher Education Again, a reprint from another source. Many college administrators read the Chricle, though, and so this was a big deal.
  • Bay Windows Bay Windows also reprinted the AP story earlier in the summer.
  • Free encyclopedia Did we invent the term “gender-blind”? Maybe&hellix; the free encyclopedia uses us as their example.

Gender-blind discussions from other campuses:

Conservatives being funny

  • The American Daily
  • FrontPageMag. Wesleyan made the number one spot on FrontPageMag’s list of “The Year's Ten Worst Moments in Education.” Our gender-blind floor got the top spot among the “most shameful campus events in America’s educational system.”