Our Projects

Trans/Gender Group Activities Spring 2007:

  • Brought Matt Kailey, author of Just Add Hormones, who talked about the imporantance of gender/trans activism and held an informal book signing.
  • Brought David Jay, wesgrad and founder of asexuality.org (the biggest asexuality site in the world) who gave us an asexuality 101, talked to us about chalking, and was generally awesome.
  • Hosted a Politics of Hair Discussion, round 2
  • Several people went to the Interecting Identities conference at UVM.
  • Brought Erin Remick and her amazing documentary “Embodied Revolution” on all different kinds of body activism.
  • Hosted a talk on Intersecting Identities
  • Hosted a talk on “Where Did All the Trannies Go”?

Trans/Gender Group Activities Fall 2006:

  • Several people went to the Transcending Boundaries conference in Worcester
  • We celebrated Intersex Awareness Day with human billboards, an awesome pamphlet on intersex facts, realities, and needs
  • Made a great installation in the Campus Center bathrooms for Trans Remembrance Day
  • Showed the Movie “The Aggressives”

Trans/Gender Group Activities Spring 2006:

  • Hosted a discussion on the politics of hair!
  • Brought Judith/Jack Halberstam, the author of Female Masculinity, The Drag King Book, etc. Ze talked about “Trans-Hegemony: Transgender Politics in aGlobal Frame.”
  • Showed the movie “Beautiful Boxer”
  • Had tons of meetings about gender neutral housing
  • SWAB (Survey of Wesleyan Accessibility to Bathrooms) happened! A full day event with free awesome shirts that we ran out of within a couple of hours, tons of students running around measuring/checking out bathrooms, and compiling info on every bathroom at Wes!
  • Got gender neutral housing approved for the upcoming year!!!!

Trans/Gender Group Activities Fall 2005:

  • Hosted Trans Tea with Tea and Cookies and the cleverest name EVER
  • Made a great installation in the Campus Center bathrooms for Trans Remembrance Day
  • Showed the movie “Southern Comfort”
  • Had tons of meetings about gender neutral housing
  • Planned for SWAB (Survey of Wesleyan Accessibility to Bathrooms

trans/gender group activities Spring 2005:

  • wrote a letter to all faculty members about gender-neutral pronouns and respecting trans and gender-variant students.
  • Organized a slam poetry reading for April, at which Jaclyn Friedman and Letta Neely performed.
  • Co-sponsored two body image discussions in April.
  • Brought Scott Turner Schoefield “Underground TRANSit” to campus. Turner also did a workshop on “Performing the Personal as Political,” co-sponsored with the Environmental Organizer's Network.
  • Screened the film "Toilet Training" and held a well-attended discussion about gender-neutral bathrooms on campus
  • finally got a gender-neutral bathroom in the Athletic Center!
  • continued work towards a gender-neutral bathroom in the Campus Center.

trans/gender group activities Fall 2004:

  • Organized students and alumns to protest the cancellation of gender-neutal housing.
  • Successfully passed a gender-neutal housing WSA Resolution.
  • Trans Day of Remembrance bathroom art installation.
  • movies, discussions, and more.
  • trans/gender group activities Spring 2004:

    • continued work with Davison Health Center to make good, gender-sensitive health care easier to access. Some members worked with the Trans Health Committee; they and others had dinner with trainer Samuel Laurie before he trained the Health Center staff.
    • wrote and produced much of the queer 'zine passed out at Wesfest. Copies are available in the QRC.
    • sponsored a Drag Workshop in April.
    • worked with the April Planning Committee to coordinate activities for April
    • worked with URLC, WSA, and Queer Task Force to set up a new gender-neutral housing system, in which all gender-neutral housing can happen anywhere on campus, not just on the gender-blind floor.
    • brought in Bear of http://www.expostpapa.com to present his show during April.

    trans/gender group activities Fall 2003:

    • tabled at the activities fair at the beginning of the year
    • four students attended the Transcending Boundaries conference at UMass Amherst, a bi/trans/intersex conference.
    • some students had the chance to have dinner with Jennifer Finney Boylan, a Wesleyan graduate and the author of “She’s Not There: a Life in Two Genders.” Ms. Boylan spoke at Russell House for an overflowing crowd; the Office of Behavorial Health and the Writer’s Workshop co-sponsored her lecture.
    • Trans Remembrance Day art installation, Vespers memorial service and art project, two discussions, and a night of trans short films.
    • three well-attended gender workshops in mainly first-year dorms.

    gender offenders activities 2002-03:

    • Led gender workshops as a part of the First Year Matters series as well as a gender workshop at the Queer Retreat
    • Worked with the Queer Task Force to add gender identity/expression to Wesleyan’s non-discrimination policy
    • Organized an art installation in the campus center bathrooms for National Trans Remembrance Day
    • Wrote a trans monologue for the Vagina Monologues
    • Helped bring trans-identified speakers to campus, like Dean Spade and Pauline Parks
    • Helped in the creation of the gender-blind hall in Nic 6.
    • Served as a source of support for trans and gender-variant students on campus,as well as a site of visibility