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Argus Articles & Wespeaks

See the controversy, the debates, the pure excitement...

Stray pets find home at Wes 9/10/99
Groups aim to reform dining 10/8/99
Hours and Labels 10/26/99
Groups petition for food labeling 10/26/99
Aramark needs to address food labeling 10/26/99
Vegetarians find many niches 11/2/99
Recent chalkings belittle campus activism 11/12/99
Animal testing practiced in Wes science laboratories 3/8/00
Animal testing is beneficial 3/8/00
Animal testing requires patience 3/31/00
No excuse for animal testing 3/31/00
Theoretical problems with animal testing 3/31/00
Testing is important 4/7/00
WARN did not endorse vandalism 4/11/00
The chalkings must be left alone 4/11/00
Animal testing is not a black and white issue 4/14/00
Editorial: What's hot? what's not? 5/9/00
New professor incorporates ethics across curriculum 10/20/00
Animal lecture lacks credibility 3/2/01
Gruen links exploitations of women and animals 3/7/01
Boycott Proctor & Gamble 3/30/01
Stop preaching, WARN! 4/3/01
WARN fights speciesism
Meat-eaters can't support animal rights 4/10/01
Discomfort makes you think 4/10/01
The deepest pit in hell is reserved for us meat-eaters
WARN clarifications 4/17/01
Activism is larger than you 5/4/01
A day for farm animals 9/25/01

Honoring the oft ignored chicken 9/28/01
Question Wes animal census 10/5/01
The importance of chalkings 10/19/01
New group to fight factory farming 10/19/01
A closer look at the circus 10/23/01
Expand idea of violence to animals 10/23/01
For peace‚s sake, stop eating meat 10/23/01
WARN turns Halloween into animal rights campaign 11/02/01
Editorial - Soft sell turns us on / Cartoon 11/02/01 
Bartlett: just hear us out 11/02/01
CAFF aims to abolish factory farming 11/02/01
Letter to the Editor 11/06/01
Meat-eaters, begin to rethink your justifications 11/06/01
Meat is murder; damn tasty murder 11/06/01
Bartlett apologizes for „Dairy is Rape‰ 11/06/01
Overcome the dollar and expand compassion, Wes progressives 11/06/01
Lyons addresses activism during war protests 11/06/01
Meat-eaters can‚t be converted 11/09/01
Growing and eating dairy and meat creates waste 11/09/01
Meat-eaters can be converted 11/13/01
You‚re wrong, Miller 11/13/01
Vegan „convert‰ responds 11/13/01
The birth of a vegan 11/13/01
The birth of a vegetarian 11/13/01
Opponents of racism and speciesism must join together 11/16/01
The horrors beyond the veal 11/30/01
Veal-eater asks for the right to choose 12/7/01

"WARN members wore pig and bunny costumes on Halloween to promote vegetarianism and 
protest animal testing. Argus photo by Jordan Monahan." (11/02/01)

"Vegetarianism is a link to perfection and peace."
-River Phoenix