About Battery Egg Farming

What is a Battery Cage?

Battery cage is the name to the small cages that almost all "laying" hens in the United States are kept in.  Battery cages have wire mesh floors, through which feces passes into the manure pit below, and small gaps in the front, to allow the hens to feed.  A sloping floor ensures that the eggs roll into a trough. The wire walls often cause extreme feather loss and painful, lifelong blisters.  Battery cages are so small, and filled with up to ten hens that they are unable to spread their wings or even lie down.

Battery cages are a product of factory farming.  Hens aren't the only ones who loose in the factory farming system.  Explore the pages listed below to learn more about the consequences of the factory farming of eggs:

  • A brief history of factory egg farming.
  • Factory egg farming is bad for workers.
  • Factory egg farming is detrimental to the environment.
  • Factory egg farming is bad for human health.
  • Factory egg farming is good for big agribusiness and bad for small farmers and consumers.
  • And of course, factory egg farming is horrible for hens.
  • But, there is another way!  Other countries and even American corporations such as McDonald's have begun creating better welfare guidelines.
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