Letter from Local Free-Range Egg Farmer

83 Upper Pattagansett Road/PO Box 250
East Lyme, CT 06333

As a small-scale, organic, free-range egg farmer, I applaud the goal of banning factory farmed eggs from Wesleyan's market. The methods commonly used by large egg producers cause great suffering to chickens. Those who purchase the eggs are unwittingly complicit in causing that suffering.

These growers dominate the market through the vast scale in which they operate, with huge concentrations of birds in small areas managed by poorly paid workers. Farmers who aim for healthy chickens, nutritious eggs, and fairly paid workers -- as well as a modest profit -- are unable to compete.

I urge you to help level the playing field for your own market by refusing to sell factory-farmed eggs.

Pauline Lord
White Gate Farm

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