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On April 27, 2003 the Wesleyan Student Assembly passed (18-5-2) EON's resolution calling for the removal of eggs from caged, debeaked, or force-molted hens, and also for exclusive sale of organic free-range eggs in WeShop and the removal of eggs as non-essential ingredients in other dining facilities.

In addition, the WSA recognized that the consideration of animal well-being is a legitimate factor in responsible decision making.


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Unfortunately ARAMARK requires eggs to be pasturized to be used in campus dining halls.  Currently, we are unaware of pasterized free-range eggs.  This means that the eggs used in the campus dining halls will still be battery eggs.  In order to reduce the amount of battery eggs consumed, Wesleyan Student Assembly supports the replacement of products containing eggs wherever eggs are not essential ingredients, such as replacing egg noodles with non-egg noodles or using egg replacers in baked goods until Aramark is able to utilize free-range eggs.

Thanks to the over 750 students who signed our petition!
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The eggs sold by Guida's Dairy are produced in the manner discussed on this website.  We have been successful in getting Weshop to stop selling eggs from Guida's!

We may have won our campaign, but the fight isn't over...
What can you do?

  • Don't buy battery eggs or any products that have battery eggs in them.  Remember that in the United States all eggs and products with eggs that aren't explicitly labeled as not being battery eggs are produced in a manner similar to what is explained on this website.
  • Help change the law.  In 1999, the European Union voted to ban the use of battery cages. Sadly, the US has not followed. Contact your representatives and demand that they take a stand against blatant animal cruelty by banning battery cages.
  • Question the property status of non-human animals.  For more information about how to live without exploiting non-human animals, click here.
  • Get active; it's fun and rewarding!  Join EON, or another group if you aren't at Wesleyan. We meet Mondays at 9 PM in the Woodhead Lounge, Wesleyan University.

    Explore alternatives to eggs!

    More food than you think is already egg-free, and most recipes can easily be modified to be egg-free without sacrificing taste.

    Impressive powered egg replacers can be found at Weshop, at any natural food store and even at many supermarkets.

    Click here for information on cooking without eggs