Our Campaign Materials

We are sharing these successful materials in the hope that you can use them elsewhere to fight against the exploitation of battery hens.  (Note: If you are asked for a password in order to download a file just close the pop up box and continue).

In order to educate students and staff at Wesleyan University about the treatment of battery hens we canvased the campus with many thought-provoking and attention-getting posters along with factsheets (best placed in toilet stalls).  We also tabled heavily with our petition (doc) and pamphlets [Page 1 - Page 2 (doc)].  Additionally we wrote a number of editorials (see below) for the main student publications.  Through these efforts we sucessfully made the plight of battery hens (a new vocabularly word for the majority of students and staff) one of the most visible and active campaigns on campus. 

After much research, we returned to the Wesleyan Student Assembly (WSA).  For the presentation of our resolution to the assembly we made a powerpoint presentation (ppt) and read letters of support from Professor of Philosophy Lori Gruen and a local organic, free-range egg farmer.

Click, to read more about the egg options available before and during EON's campaign, along with our proposal for what eggs to sell in the future as a result of the resolution.

Minutes from our first (pdf) and second (doc) meetings with the WSA.  (To give you an idea of what your student assembly may say if you run a similar campaign).

Media Articles:
"Battery egg resolution passed" 05.02.03 - Argus
"Wesleyan Store Changes Eggs, Going Free-Range" 05.04.03 - Hartford Courant

Editorials and Articles submitted by EON in campus publications:
"The cluck stops here: battery eggs" 04.01.03 - Jesse Young
"Get battery eggs off campus" 04.18.03 - Joel Bartlett
"Inside the battery shed" 04.2103 - Anonymous
"WeShop eggs product of animal cruelty" 04.22.03 - Holly Mehr

Editorial against our campaign: "Student against egg campaign" 04.25.03 - Liz Croteau
Response: "Alumna insists Wes activism can change the world" 05.02.03 - Chelsie Anttila

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