What Eggs Weshop Sold Before Campaign and our Proposal for the Future:

Sold before campaign:
Organic Valley: Independently certified organic, free-range
$2.66/half-dozen $.50/egg
Mandatory Requirements:
1. 100% certified organic feeds.
2. 1.75 square feet (252 sq in) per bird in the hen house.
3. Uninterrupted supply of clean water.
4. Some natural light in the house.
5. Adequate ventilation to prevent ammonia build-up.
6. Access to the outdoors when seasonally appropriate.
7. Outdoor area providing five square feet per bird.
8. Egg storage area holding 60 degrees or less with a thermometer present.
There are additional recommended practices as well.
Organic Valley does not practice debeaking or force-molting.

Guidaís Dairy: "Farm fresh" aka battery eggs
$1.89/dozen   $.16/egg
Unreceptive to our inquiries about where they get their eggs from and the conditions that hens are raised in - they flat out refused to divulge information and neglected to call back.  Eventually they did tell us that they got eggs from two other farms.  Yet, one of the farms they said they got eggs from doesn't actually produce eggs anymore and gets their "farm fresh" eggs from New York.
New choice that emerged from EON working with Weshop during campaign:
Farmer Brown's: Fertile, free-running
$2.99/dozen   $.25/egg
Produced by Coll's Farm in Jaffery, New Hampshire
Eggs are laid by hens inside large barn assemblies. They're allowed a few feet per hen and free movement over a large floor area, and six to eight roosters are mixed in with every hundred hen to ensure a baseline level of fertility. Their more expensive organic brands do use organic feed, however. Water and feed are available at all times.  No minimum space for birds or third party monitoring.  No access to outdoors.  Not organic.  No debeaking or force-molting.  Their feed consists of non-organic corn and soybeans, but they don't use any growth hormones.
Weshopís sales for the week of April 7-13
% Before campaign
124 dozen battery eggs
80 dozen free-running eggs
42 half-dozen organic free-range
225 dozen eggs sold total   .

  (Email from Weshop Director Joe LaChance dated April 21, 2003)

Our proposal for the future:
Organic free-range eggs from Organic Valley, the current brand sold at Weshop, will cost students $3.00 to $3.50/dozen.


Organic free-range eggs from EggInnovations will cost students $3.00 to $4.00/dozen


Organic free-range eggs from local farmer will cost students $3.00 to $3.50/dozen.