"Tons of dead chickens dumped in Manchester"
(The Hartford Courant)
March 21, 2003 
Associated Press 

MANCHESTER, Conn. -- The state's largest egg operation has dumped more than 240,000 pounds of dead chickens at the town's landfill.

The hens did not die from avian influenza, but because the chickens had been exposed to the virus, the carcasses cannot be moved across state lines. Prior to the flu outbreak, the spent hens were taken to out-of-state processing plants.

For the last week, Kofkoff Egg Farms has brought chickens to the landfill in leak-proof, covered containers to prevent the "airborne release" of any dead waste.

Three million of Kofkoff's egg-laying hens at coops in Lebanon and Bozrah were infected with the disease that causes flu-like symptoms, such as nasal discharge,  coughing, sneezing, and diarrhea.

The birds have been quarantined since the outbreak and state officials have said only a small number have died.