Battery Egg Information Links:
United Poultry Concerns pages on Battery Hens
PETA Factshees on Poultry and Eggs
SAFE's Battery Hens Factsheet (NZ)
World Animal Net's Battery Hens Campaign
Animal Liberation NSW (AU)
The Life Cycle of the Chicken

Open Rescue Websites:
(Open rescue is based on giving aid, rescue and veterinary treatment to any animal known to be suffering and in pain, yet trapped in confined conditions where they have been neglected and/or abandoned to slowly die. Rescue workers openly identify themselves and work as professionally and diligently as their colleagues in other rescue areas such as fire fighters, state emergency services or ambulance personnel.)

Mercy For Animals':

Compassion Over Killing's:

Connecticut Links:
To stay up-to-date with animal rights activism in Connecticut consider joining "VeganWay," a YahooGroups email list that has intent to bring together all individuals and groups from Connecticut (U.S.A) working for the liberation of non-human animals.  However, activists and groups from other areas are welcomed. The VeganWay list is for posting action alerts, news, newsletters, schedules of actions and protests, and discussions about animal rights and animal rights advocacy. 
Friends of Animals - a international animal rights group based in Darien, CT
Northern Connecticut Vegetarian Society
Southern Connecticut Vegetarian Society
Animal Advocacy Connecticut - Connecticut's only lobbying organization for animals

Links for Students:
Students for Animal Liberation email list
Student Animal Rights Alliance