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WARN Educational Presentation On Vegetarianism/Veganism.

The Internet is a good resource for information and recipes.
www.PETA.org   People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
www.vrg.org   Vegetarian Resource Group
www.veganoutreach.org   Home of "Why Vegan"
www.pangeaveg.com     Online Vegan Store
www.pcrm.com     Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

WARN ( Wesleyan Animal Rights Network) meets at [   ] p.m. on [   ] nights in Meeting Room 1 on the 3rd floor of the campus center.  If you have any questions come and ask us there, new members are always welcome.

Feel free to contact us personally.  We are _____________________

Look for signs advertising WARN's Annual Thanksgiving Dinner, which is a special VegOut that united WARN with [Earth House, Well-Being House, and Art House], before Thanksgiving break.