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"Free Vegan Food Day" or "Try Vegetarianism Day" or "VegPledge" or "whatever you want to call it" resources.

2001 Donators
2000 Donators
Other Donators
Sample Letter to Companies
Company Contact List

2001 Donators

"World leader in the manufacture of animal replacement products"

Lumen Foods offers two lines of jerky snacks: Cajun Jerky and Stonewall's Jerquee. The primary difference is that Stonewall's is "juicier," more flavorful and microwaveable, whereas Cajun Jerky offers a drier "chew." Both jerky snacks leave you feeling "full" and "warm" inside. It's really something you have to experience... and both lines are unlike any real jerky product (and not just because they are animal-free)."

Hot Pastrami Style!
I have eaten SOOOOO much of this Jerquee.


Chreese® is an all-new dairy-free imitation cheese, that tastes as good as the real thing and is much better for you! Although Chreese® is completely vegan (contains NO animal products), it is rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

"The most popular food to emerge from the Mediterranean and Middle East regions is Hummus - an exotic blend of pureed chickpeas, lemon, sesame tahini, oil, and spices with added flavors such as roasted garlic, roasted red peppers, scallion and dill."

 "Hummus (pronounced Hum-es) is traditionally used as a dip with Pita bread, crackers or fresh cut veggies. Many people use hummus as a spread on sandwiches (instead of high cholesterol mayonnaise), on baked potatoes instead of sour cream, or as the main ingredient in a vegetarian sandwich."

Dairy Free Soymage®
"For consumers who are allergic to dairy products, specifically milk protein and/or are practicing a vegan lifestyle, Galaxy has formulated the best tasting dairy free cheese product line on the market -- Vegan Singles). The Vegan line is completely dairy free, contains no animal fats and has no casein. Soymage products are low fat or fat free, cholesterol free, lactose free, all natural and 100% dairy free."

2000 Donators

"What started in a small Missouri kitchen in 1982 as a labor of love flourishes today as Imagine Foods, makers of innovative, delicious natural foods products."

Rice Dream Original Non-Dairy Beverages
"The best selling all natural non-dairy beverage is made without artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, hormones, antibiotics or soy. Great on cereal, in coffee, tea and recipes.  Flavors include Original, Vanilla and Carob."
"At Fantastic Foods, we make more than 80 products including instant soup and meal cups, convenient carton package mixes and products found in the grocery freezer. Our goal is to help you eat betteróso that you can live betteróby providing you with thoughtfully sensible and delicious options that are always easy, quick, natural, wholesome and vegetarian."
Objective: "To become a leading source of a variety of nutritious (healthy) natural meals to the typical household, in the United States and Internationally."
"Vegan Never Tasted This Good!  The No Bakery is a new division of Delightful Foods, a family operated business. Delightful Foods was established in 1978 as one of a few bakeries providing a variety of natural pastries."

Other Donators (Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner)

"...one of the most innovative vegetarian companies on earth."

Un Turkey
A succulent feast made from wheat gluten covered with a skin made from soy, the UnTurkey is your answer for a convenient, compassionate Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Sample letter to companies:

To the attention of _________,

 The Wesleyan Animal Rights Network (WARN), a student group at Wesleyan University, is planning to hold an event in April focusing on vegan food.  The event was a tremendous success last year, and we hope to improve upon that this year.  We are writing to ask if _______ would like to donate any vegan items to our event. The purpose of this event is to inform the Wesleyan community about veganism/vegetarianism. We will distribute information about the vegan/vegetarian diet, and provide vegan foods for students and faculty to sample. By demonstrating that a wide variety of vegan foods are tasty and also locally available, we hope to encourage students and faculty to purchase these items in the future. We also hope to educate the community about the health, ethical, and environmental benefits of a vegan/vegetarian diet. If you would like to send company literature along with your donation, we would be most willing to distribute that as well.  To ensure smooth production of this event, we hope to confirm donations as soon as possible. Our event will be held in front of the Davenport Campus Center on [date]. A local health food store, "It's Only Natural", has agreed to accept shipments of food and hold them for us until the time of the event. You can contact us at 860-685-____, or you can contact the manager, David Muckle, directly at 860-346-1786. A member of the Wesleyan Animal Rights Network will call you within the next few weeks in the hope of confirming a donation. If at any point in the future you have questions concerning this event please do not hesitate to e-mail WARN at _____@wesleyan.edu or call 860-685-____. Thank you for taking the time to consider our request.


    ____yr name here____
    Wesleyan Animal Rights Network

feel free to change this around however you want. please add in your contact info before sending.

BTW: We expect 200 people to attend this event.

Company Contact List:

Imagine Foods
Ellen Weiser
Tel: (650) 327-1444 ext. 36
350 Cambridge Ave Suite 350
Palo Alto, CA 94306

Lumen Foods
Greg Caton
Tel: 800-256-2253
Email: soybean.com
409 Scott St
Lake Charles, LA 70601

Morinaga (pudding, etc)
Tom McReynolds (marketing Manager)
Torrance, CA

Now and Zen
Dixey Mahy
Tel: (415) 695-2805
665 22nd St
San Fran CA 94107

No Cookie Company
Bilal Sabir (owner)
Tel: (510) 261-5373 or (800) 830-5373
Fax: (510) 261-5367
5276 Foothill Blvd
Oakland 94601

Eden Foods Inc
Clinton, MI 49236

Tel: 800-274-6001 

Fantastic Foods
Anita Moreno
Tel:  (707) 778-7801
        (707) 778-6208
1250 North McDowel Blvd
Petaluma CA 94954

Health Valley Co.
Zareb Herman
Tel: 800-334-3204 ext. 339
16100 Foothill Blvd
Irwindale, CA 91706

Hansen Natural Beverage Company 
Robert Rizario
Fax: (909) 739-6210
Tel.: (909) 739 6200
2380 Railroad St   Suite 101
Corna, CA 92880

Amy's Kitchen
Arnee Deleau
Tel: (707) 578-7188 ex 3205
Fax: 707 - 578-7995
po box 7868
Santa Rosa, CA 95407

Yves Veggie Cuisine
Tel: 800-667-9837
Fax: 604-525-2555

Boca Burger
Elisa Yuter
Tel: 312-201-0300
20 N Wacker Dr
Sweet 1360
Chicago, IL 60606

White Wave

Tiffany Mitchell
Tel: (650) 712-5589
Fax: (650) 712-6774
120 Stone Pine Rd
HalfMoon Bay, CA 94019

Clif Bar
Stephanie Rapp
Tel: (510) 558-7855
Fax: (510) 558-7871
1610 5th Street
Berkeley, CA 94710

Hain Pure Foods Inc (makes animal crackers)
Uniondale, NY 11553

Little Bear Organic Foods ("Bearitos Brand " popcorn, chips, etc)
310 - 886-8200
Carson CA 90746

"We all love animals, but why do we call some pets and some dinner?"
-k.d. lang