Four Mile River Farm


Four Mile River Farm is located in Old Lyme, Connecticut.  It is a family farm, started in 1985 by Nunzio Corsino and his wife, Irene.  For Nunzio, working with cows comes naturally because he has spent much of his life raising Jersey show cattle.  For this reason, working with the animals is a true passion of his.  Four Mile River Farm has a small herd of cattle made up of Angus, Hereford, and Charloisis Steer.  The herd spends the majority of its time on 350 acres of open pasture, and their diet is made up of grass as well as a supplement of Connecticut milled corn and grain.  The meat is antibiotic, chemical, steroid and hormone free and no growth stimulants are used.  The meat is USDA inspected and approved. 

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Beef (Hamburger, Hot Dogs, Kielbasa, various roasts, steaks) and Pork by the order.