Meriano’s Bake Shoppe


Meriano’s Bake Shoppe, located in Guilford, Ct is a family owned and operated bakery. Twenty years of traditional Italian baked goods. They make baked goods from scratch daily, ranging from breakfast to breads, cookies to pies, and specialize in Italian pastries and special occasion cakes. They have been serving the shoreline with the freshest most authentic desserts and personal customer service since 1988. Anthony Meriano comes from a tradition of baking, growing up with traditional Italian baked goods. The Meriano family is committed to keeping the delicious traditions alive and well while using the freshest ingredients possible, such as using local and native items whenever possible.


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Stuffed Breads, Cannoli, Breads, Cookies, Apple Strudels and Dumplings



Stuffed Bread

Filled Pastries


A towering display of delicious goodies!