Tranquil Morning Farm


The Tranquil Morning Farm, located in South Windsor, CT is owned by the Engebretson family, who has been farming since their beginnings in Norway. It is a small fiber farm where they raise and process all of their fibers and soaps right there on the farm. They raise sheep, angora rabbits, llamas, and colored angora goats. They contain the sheep and goats in a large pen with a shelter, but allow generous time for grazing and daily exercise in the pasture. As they are not a commercial farm, but a hobby farm, they raise their livestock as family pets as well as producers. Their all- natural goats milk soap is made with fresh goats milk, saponified oils, natural herbs and essential oils. They are constantly working towards becoming more self-sufficient with their farming.

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Their Product

Wool, Alpaca and Mohair handspun yarn, goats milk soap, natural fiber jewelry and handicrafts.