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Wave Hill Breads is located in Wilton, CT. It is a one-dough bakery, meaning they use the same one dough to make all their breads. The ingredients include organic spelt and rye berries that are milled daily, King Arthur unbleached flour, sea salt, water, and a pinch of yeast, meaning the bread can be eaten by people with egg, dairy, or nut allergies. The results are: three-grain French country bread, baguettes, epis, ficelles, lemony-thyme croutons de campagne, and miettes de campagne. Along with their use of of many organic ingredients their bags are all biodegradable, even the cellophane part. Margaret Sapir and Mitch Rapoport started out determined to learn how to make the bread they tasted first at a restaurant in Stowe, Vermont. After more than 20 years in corporate life, they apprenticed to the baker, Gerard Rubaud, and adapted his recipe. Their breads are crafted by hand using age-old French methods. The dough is put in specially-made maple and oak troughs to ferment once before it is rounded and shaped. It then proofs again before baking. The steaming jets in the oven help form the crispy golden brown crusts and significant "grignes", the ridges on the tops of the loaves. The loaves are then left to cool on oak racks. The entire process lasts around 12 hours. The name of the bakery comes from the Wave Hill botanical gardens on the Hudson River in the Bronx where Mitch and Margaret were married, starting off this family business.

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Three-grain French country bread, baguettes, Epis, Ficelles, Lemony-Thyme croutons de Campagne, Miettes de Campagne