Wesleyan portrait of Alyson  Hildum

Alyson Hildum

Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Exley Science Center, 603


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BA Colorado School Mines
PHD Brandeis University

Alyson Hildum

Alyson Hildum has taught at Wesleyan since 2015. Her research interests include low-dimensional topology, specifically in non-simply connected four-manifolds. 

Alyson Hildum received a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Colorado School of Mines in 2008, and a PhD in Mathematics from Brandeis University in 2013. Her dissertation concerns minimizing Euler characteristics of four-manifolds with right-angled Artin fundamental group. From 2013-2015 she held the position of Britton Postdoctoral Fellow at McMaster Ontario before coming to Wesleyan in the Fall of 2015. 

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Fall 2019
MATH 121 - 01
Calculus I

MATH 121 - 02
Calculus I

MATH 132 - 01
Elementary Statistics

Spring 2020
MATH 222 - 01
Multivariable Calculus

MATH 228 - 02
Discrete Mathematics