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Mark Hoffarth

David Scott Williams Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology

Judd Hall, 401A


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BA University of North Dakota
BS University of North Dakota
MA Brock University
PHD Brock University

Mark Hoffarth

Dr. Hoffarth's research focuses on how people from different social groups interact with each other and how a combination of psychological and structural factors influence people's political beliefs and behaviors. Their primary line of research examines attitudes toward and beliefs about the LGBTQ+ community and how the LGBTQ+ community responds to societal disadvantages.

Dr. Hoffarth grew up in rural North Dakota, and received undergraduate degrees in psychology and sociology from the University in North Dakota. They then completed a Masters and PhD in Social and Personality Psychology at Brock University in Ontario. After completing graduate school, they received a National Science Foundation fellowship to study sexual identity, political attitudes, and mental health and well-being among sexual minorities in the Social Justice Lab at New York University. Dr. Hoffarth is currently conducting research on political ideology, intergroup relations, sexual and gender diversity, masculinity, and animal rights.

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Friday 10am - Noon, or by appointment


Fall 2019
PSYC 249 - 01
Psyc of Sex & Gender Diversity

PSYC 352 - 01
Applied Social Psychology

Spring 2020
PSYC 200 - 03
Stats: Activity-Based Approach

PSYC 200 - 04
Stats: Activity-Based Approach

PSYC 200 - 05
Stats: Activity-Based Approach