Academic Journey

  • First Year Seminars

    First-year seminars (FYS) are an introduction to liberal learning - particularly to the quality of discussion, writing, and analysis expected at Wesleyan. These courses offered exclusively to first-year students emphasize peer-to-peer discussion and close student-faculty interaction.

  • Study Abroad

    Wesleyan considers study abroad to be an essential part of a liberal arts education for students majoring in any subject. A meaningful cross-cultural experience sharpens our understanding of ourselves in relation to the world in which we live.

  • Three Year Option

    Students who graduate in six semesters (three years of normal course loads plus summer courses) may expect to save about 20 percent of the total cost of a Wesleyan education.

  • Summer & Winter Sessions

    Wesleyan University offers an intensive Summer Session in which students can complete semester-long courses in only five weeks. Wesleyan Summer Session is open to students who feel they have the academic qualifications and stamina to complete intellectually challenging courses in a compressed schedule.

    Wesleyan University's Winter Session offers the opportunity to ccomplete a full-semester course in two weeks. A quieter campus, and a singular focus on just one course, allows students to connect more closely with faculty and classmates. These intensive courses provide opportunities for new insights as students engage with topics in a truly different format.

  • Honors

    University Honors is the highest honor Wesleyan bestows.  In order to be eligible for University Honors a student must first receive high honors on their thesis in their department major.

  • BA/MA Program

    Wesleyan offers a BA/MA program in the natural sciences, mathematics, and psychology as a formal curricular option for Wesleyan undergraduate students who are interested in an intensive research experience.

  • Capstone Experience

    Senior seminars in many departments engage majors in a final, intensive course that may result in a collaborative project. Senior theses or other capstone projects allow students to focus on what interests them most - be it independent research in a lab, a significant essay, a performance, or an exhibition.

  • Advising & Support

    The relationship between student and academic advisor is crucial to success at Wesleyan. One-on-one advising guides students in handling the freedom to choose courses that comes with open curriculum, as well as choices of major, research projects, and study abroad opportunities.