Last updated Wednesday, July 8, 2020 at 10:30 a.m.

Intercollegiate athletics play an important role in the co-curricular experience of students at Wesleyan.  Our goal remains to provide the most robust athletic experience while maintaining the health, safety, and well-being of our student-athletes. In our current climate, public health recommendations and restrictions from the NCAA and State of Connecticut make it unrealistic for us to offer competitive intercollegiate contests for our fall teams.

Based on the recommendations of the NCAA re-socialization of sport guidelines, our fall teams will follow a phased plan designed to provide a safe return to sports activities. Our coaching faculty are committed to providing challenging practices, intense strength and conditioning workouts, and in-depth video sessions designed to improve the skills and performance of our student-athletes.

While they have not made a ruling on conference play, the NESCAC has provided this update.

To further support the student-athlete experience, the NESCAC recently revised its own regulations. These changes will give fall and spring varsity teams the opportunity to work together with their coaches outside of their traditional season. Winter sports will be allowed to start practices on October 15 as opposed to November 1.

Depending on the availability of facilities and fields, as well as the ability to follow health and safety protocols, we will do our best to support club sports this fall. Each club team will be required to have a faculty or staff member (or approved outside coach) attend and supervise each practice. As is the case for varsity sports, no visiting teams will be permitted to come to campus and club teams will not be able to travel to other schools for competition. Due to space restrictions and concern for safety, we will not be offering intramural programming for the fall semester. While we hope to offer intramurals for the spring, that decision will be made prior to the start of second semester.

For any fall athletes who practice but are not provided the opportunity to compete in varsity contests, you will not use a year of NCAA eligibility.

Our coaches will continue to recruit student-athletes for the class of 2025. Prospects who are interested in attending Wesleyan are encouraged to contact the head coach of the sport in which they are looking to participate.

If you are a student-athlete at Wesleyan and have specific questions about your sport, please contact your head coach directly.