Curriculum and Instruction

Last updated Thursday, July 9, 2020 at 2:00 p.m.

To enable student learning from any location, Wesleyan will offer a full array of in-person, online, and hybrid courses so that all students can engage in our rich and diverse curriculum while making progress toward their degrees. Departments, faculty, and class deans will work with each student to adjust their schedules in light of changes to the curriculum.

Each faculty member has developed a plan to maximize learning opportunities for both in-person and remote students. For example, some courses will consist of a blend of remote lectures and small, in-person meetings. Some courses will assign alternating groups of students to attend in person on alternating days. Some lab-based courses will break large groups into smaller cohorts, enabling every student to have hands-on learning while maintaining social distancing.

A small number of courses are designed to be held in person only, and will be conducted according to appropriate safety and social distancing protocols. In departments that host in-person only courses, there are a still a range of courses online that learners can take, and departments will assist all students in finding appropriate courses.

Contingency plans are in place in the event that any student falls ill so that they may continue their studies and complete the semester.

Students can view all changes to the curriculum, including teaching modality, on Wesmaps. Students are also encouraged to contact faculty members directly for detailed information on their courses, and to consult with their advisors.


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