Guest Student FAQ

Wesleyan University will be opening its doors to college students from the University of Puerto Rico who are unable to continue at their institution due to Hurricane Maria. Students admitted as a Guest Student will spend the spring 2018 semester, tuition-free, at Wesleyan University. We are working out many of the details of the program, but here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Click here to return to the page for the Spring 2018 Program for Students from Puerto Rico. If you don't find an answer to your questions below, please email or call 860-685-2005.

  • 2) Is it really tuition-free?
    Wesleyan is dedicated to supporting the recovery of Puerto Rican universities. Students accepted as a Guest Student will not pay any tuition to Wesleyan, but they would be expected to pay their normal tuition to their Puerto Rican university. If your current university is not able to accept payment or is not reopening, please indicate that in the "more information" section of the application.
  • 3) What are the admission requirements?
    Wesleyan will screen each application to ensure that the student will be academically successful at Wesleyan. Due to limited space and housing availability, not all applicants who apply will be offered admission.
  • 9) Is this program only for U.S. citizens?
    We are not limiting this program based on citizenship, however students with citizenship outside of the United States will need to work with us to ensure appropriate immigration status.
Additional questions? Please return to the home page, send email to, or call (860) 685-2005.