Major Program: The basic requirement for the major is successful completion of the following courses: PHYS113, 116, 213, 214, and 215; MATH121, 122, and 221; and ASTR155, 211, 221, 222, 231, and 232. PHYS324 and MATH222 are strongly recommended but are not required. Additional upper-level physics courses are also recommended but are not required.  Potential majors with graduate school aspirations should complete or place out of the basic physics and mathematics courses listed above, preferably by the end of their sophomore year, and should also take ASTR155 and ASTR211 during their first two years.

Sample Courses: Introductory Astronomy; The Universe; Observational Astronomy; Exoplanets: Formation, Detection, and Characterization 

Number of Professors: 5

Astronomy Building
Title: Faculty Spotlight
Astronomy Building

William Herbst

Professor of Astronomy

Research Interests: T Tauri stars, star and planet formation, protoplanetary disks, low mass stars.