Major program: The classical civilization major is designed to provide students with a basic knowledge of at least one ancient language and a comprehensive understanding of Greek and Roman civilization. Since the field of classical studies encompasses many different disciplines, students have the opportunity to adapt the program to their particular interests. Students interested in ancient Mediterranean archaeology may major in classical civilization or in archaeology (see listing for the archaeology program).

Because of the heavy language requirement for graduate school admission, students interested in graduate work in classics should give serious consideration to the classics major.  The department offers major programs in classical civilization and in classics, with the latter placing a stronger emphasis on language, either Greek or Latin or both.

Sample Courses:  Art and Archaeology of the Bronze Age Mediterranean; Greek History; Survey of Roman Archaeology and Art; Politics and Piety in Early Christianities; Reading Greek Prose; Roman Urban Life; Medieval Latin

Number of Professors: 10

Classical Civilization Building
Title: Student Spotlight
Classical Civilization Building

Chris Kaltsas

Classical Civilization Major, Class of '11

The Intercollegiate Classical Civilization - Rome Program: "With the knowledge of classical art, architecture, Latin, and history that I gained at both Wesleyan and the ICCS - Rome program, I was able to picture how daily life was lived in this ancient city near Naples. Overall, this was a great experience, both intellectually and personally. Not only have I gained access to some of the best preserved classical archaeology sites in the world, but I gained knowledge about ancient Romans, as well as insight about living in a foreign country."