Major program: The department recognizes the diversity of students' interests and goals by allowing majors great flexibility in designing their programs of study, which are arranged in close consultation with a faculty advisor in the department. While a specific concentration is not required, coherence should be a guiding principle.

The department requires nine credits worth of courses.  At least five credits must be earned in courses taught in German above the level of GRST211.  Courses in which class discussion is conducted in English may be taken in the German Studies Department and, with the major advisor's approval, in other departments.  Majors have the option of concentrating in three areas of German Studies: literature, film and visual culture, and critical thought.  Majors are expected but not required to spend at least one semester in Germany, preferably with the Wesleyan Program in Regensburg.

Sample Courses:  German Culture Today; Sex and Text in Freud’s Vienna; The New German Cinema; German Romanticism in Art and Literature; Wagner and Modernism; Kafka: Literature, Law and Power

Number of Professors: 11

German Studies Building
Title: Faculty Spotlight
German Studies Building

Ulrich Plass

Assistant Professor of German Studies

Research Interests: Philosophical interpretations of literature within the social and cultural context of post-war Western Germany; continental philosophy with an emphasis on aesthetics; the intersections of popular culture and intellectualism in the works of the writer Rainald Goetz.