Description: Molecular Biophysics at Wesleyan is an interdepartmental, interdisciplinary program situated in the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Our program includes faculty, postdoctoral research associates, graduate students, and undergraduate students and is situated in the Departments of Chemistry, Molecular Biology, and Physics.

Graduate students in chemistry, physics or the life sciences may petition for admission to the interdisciplinary program in Molecular Biophysics/Chemical Biology (MBCB).  Students participating in the MBCB Program pursue a course of study and research that often overlaps the disciplinary boundaries of chemistry, biology, molecular biology and physics.  Graduate training opportunities are available for students with undergraduate background in any one of these areas.  Individualized programs of study are provided in order that each student obtains the necessary interdisciplinary background for advanced study and research in molecular biophysics. 

Curriculum: Students are expected to complete core courses of their home department unless granted a waiver by their committee and approved by the home department. Molecular Biophysics Program expectations are a) Molecular Biophysics,  b) Structural Biology Laboratory, c) Molecular Biophysics Journal Club, d)  at least two credits of elective advanced courses offered by the program faculty.

Number of Professors: 10


Molecular Biophysics Building
Title: Faculty Spotlight
Molecular Biophysics Building

Ishita Mukerji

Professor of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Director of Graduate Studies

Research Interests: How different proteins recognize and bind to DNA, specifically four-stranded DNA structures known as “Holliday junctions,” involved in DNA repair and recombination. Professor Mukerji has received a four-year grant of $798,368 from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to fund her research project, “Structure and Function of Holliday Junctions Complexed With Proteins Probed by Fluorescence and UV Raman Spectroscopic Methods.”