Anthropology is the study of the complexity and diversity of human and nonhuman life in an interconnected world. Anthropology majors develop the ability to listen carefully and work with diverse people and organizations, to navigate complex local and global dynamics, to think critically and question power and injustice, and to tell meaningful stories about the world in which we live.

Anthropology provides excellent preparation for a variety of careers that require an understanding of cultural difference, including education, journalism, law, media, medicine, development, social justice organizing, and academia. Social justice and ethical concerns have always been central to the discipline of anthropology.

What You'll Study

  • As an anthropology major at Wesleyan, you'll take courses in cultural theory, ethnographic method, urban anthropology, globalization, media studies, consumer culture, archaeology, social movements and activism, development and humanitarianism, and race, gender, and sexuality. 

  • The anthropology major includes an individually designed four-course specialization. Concentration options include Difference, Inequality, and Social Justice; Local Distinctions, Global Connections; and Producing, Consuming, and Performing Culture. You can also design your own concentration.

  • Other major requirements include our gateway, Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, two courses in anthropological theory, and Crafting Ethnography, our core course in ethnographic method and writing. All majors also complete a capstone project.