Classical civilization is the interdisciplinary study of the societies of ancient Greece and Rome. Classical civilization at Wesleyan provides students with a basic knowledge of at least one ancient language and a comprehensive understanding of Greek and Roman civilization, offering a wide array of courses in languages and literature, archaeology, history, mythology and religion.

Classical civilization students build strong analytical, critical and language skills. Students who major in classical civilization often pursue careers in law, medicine, business, journalism, music, arts administration and museum work, as well as in education at all levels, both as teachers and administrators.

What You'll Study

  • As a classical civilization major, you'll be required to take a minimum of 10 courses, including: Greek and Latin (at least two courses at the intermediate level or above); one introductory ancient history survey; one course at any level in material culture; and two classical civilization seminars.
  • Latin and Greek are offered at all levels. Introductory courses will enable you to begin reading original texts by the second semester, and advanced courses engage with both ancient texts and critical approaches to those texts in modern scholarship. 

  • Because of the heavy language requirement for graduate school admission, if you're interested in graduate work in classics you should give serious consideration to the classics, rather than classical civilization, major.
  • Majors in both classics and classical civilization are encouraged to apply to study abroad, usually in the junior year. Many study abroad programs provide opportunities to tour archaeological and historical sites in addition to coursework.