China, Japan and Korea are related yet distinctive civilizations, each with its own traditions and patterns of development that have played an important role in the development of culture around the globe and remain formative influences today.

Wesleyan’s College of East Asian Studies (CEAS) promotes engagement with the histories, cultures and contemporary significance of East Asia across the campus, curriculum and broader community, challenging students through language study, broad knowledge of East Asia and focused perspective on a particular feature of the East Asian landscape. A minor is also offered.

What You'll Study

  • As a CEAS major, you'll be required to take seven courses, including four in one of the major's concentrations of art history and art; language, literature and film; music; history; philosophy and religion; and political economy. Other requirements include language courses, study abroad and a senior capstone project.

  • CEAS majors are expected to reach a minimum of advanced-level (third-year) competency in Chinese, Japanese or Korean. Majors who are native speakers of Chinese, Japanese or Korean are expected to study another East Asian language.

Minor Requirements

  • The minor requires completion of five CEAS courses and intermediate-level competence in Chinese, Japanese or Korean. Because no more than two of the five can be language courses, students beginning language study at Wesleyan may have to take as many as seven courses to fulfill the minor. Native speakers may simply take any five CEAS classes.