Tomorrow's scientists will face challenging problems in such diverse areas as energy, public health and the environment. The core goal of Wesleyan's College of Integrative Sciences (CIS) is to equip students with the creative and quantitative interdisciplinary skills to address and develop solutions for current and emerging global challenges in science and technology. CIS is a linked major.

What You'll Study

  • Because CIS is a linked major, you must major in one of the departments or programs in natural science and mathematics (NSM). 
  • Research is key to the CIS. With a faculty mentor, you'll pursue inquiry-based learning that explores open questions and provides new perspectives to help you develop the necessary problem-solving skills and build expertise at the frontiers of science. Through this research, you'll be transformed from a consumer to a creator of knowledge.
  • Students must apply for admission to the CIS. You will be considered eligible if you have declared an NSM major and attended at least one semester of the Research Frontiers course. Students must have a demonstrated interest in interdisciplinary research. Admission to the college is selective.