It feels good to do good. Civic engagement encompasses a wide range of activities in which individuals work to strengthen their communities, realize common goods, enhance the capacities and dispositions necessary for democratic self-rule, and deliberately shape their common life. With civic engagement increasingly recognized as an essential learning goal, Wesleyan's civic engagement minor is the perfect option for students interested in integrating their civic and academic efforts.

What You'll Study

  • Wesleyan's civic engagement minor includes service-learning courses and courses about how democratic processes work, volunteering, practica, and opportunities for reflection designed to provide you with a broad understanding of the varied components of civic engagement.
  • Courses are grouped in six areas: the individual in society, the practice of democracy, ethical reasoning, volunteerism and activism, education and public scholarship, and civic engagement in cross-cultural perspective.
  • The minor requires a minimum of 40 hours of service work coordinated through the Office of Community Service and Volunteerism (OCS).