The field of classical studies connects us to a shared past that expands our notions of the present, offering new perspectives to modern challenges. At Wesleyan, classical studies is the multidisciplinary study of the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome, as well as the broader Mediterranean world. Students design their own curricular path within the major, taking advantage of a wide array of courses spanning the sciences, social sciences, and humanities, and related to subjects such as politics, history, religion, literature, and the environment.

Classical studies students build strong analytical, critical, and language skills. Majors often pursue careers in law, medicine, business, journalism, music, arts administration, and museums.

What You'll Study

  • As a classical studies major at Wesleyan, you'll choose one of three concentrations within the major: literature and performance; history, politics, and social justice; or archaeology and archaeological science. At least four courses must be completed within your concentration.
  • Regardless of concentration, you’ll also be required to complete four language courses numbered 102 or higher, in order to achieve proficiency in Latin or Greek. No prior experience with either language is required upon entry to the major. 

  • Additional required courses include an introductory ancient history survey, and a course in material culture.