Wesleyan’s English Department is comprised of distinguished scholars and writers who teach a wide range of innovative courses in American and British literatures, English language literatures from around the world, and critical and cultural theory. At Wesleyan, English majors develop reading, writing and analytical skills; become familiar with the history of literary expression; get acquainted with basic questions and concepts in literary and cultural theory; and learn how to study the relation of literary texts to their historical contexts—including the histories of race, gender, sexuality, science, politics and religion.

English majors at Wesleyan also enjoy a vibrant tradition in creative writing and a rich array of courses and workshops in poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction.

Students who major in English often pursue careers in publishing, education, the media, politics and public service, marketing and communications.

What You'll Study

  • The English major at Wesleyan consists of 10 credits, including the Ways of Reading seminar, the major's mandatory gateway course. Other core requirements offer you the chance to read widely, discover new approaches, connect texts and concepts from different times and places, and develop confidence and critical awareness about the activity of literary interpretation.
  • As an English major, you'll also choose a four-course concentration in which you'll pursue more focused study, either in American Literature, British Literature, Race and Ethnicity, Theory and Literary Forms, or Creative Writing. You can change your concentration at any time.

  • English majors may also undertake a capstone project.